💸 Black Friday 2019 - Loads of Great Deals and Giveaways!

Welcome to another year of insane offers!

Last year we had a monolithic thread composed of all of the known providers offers. This makes tracking each offer a bit of a pain (especially when several different discussions occur within the thread), so instead this thread will link to each provider’s respective offering :slight_smile:


(@Nem) Apis Networks - APNSCP $99 Lifetime Panel License

(@Martijnk) Auto VM - VM Hosting from €8/mo

() Bunny CDN - 25% Bonus Credits when Topping Up

(@Ryan) Catalyst Host - VM Hosting from $24/yr

(@Cloudcone) Cloudcone - VM Hosting from $15/yr

(@Clouvider) Clouvider - Dedicated Servers from £29/mo (UK, NL & DE)

(@Dedispec) Dedispec - Dedicated Servers starting at $27/mo

(@Cam) Gullo’s Hosting - NAT VPS from $2/yr

(@Andrei) Hetrix Tools - Up to 70% off of Uptime Monitoring and up to 30% off of Blacklist Monitoring

(@Hetzner_OL) Hetzner - No Setup Fees on Certain Web Hosting or Managed Servers

(@HIVELOCITY) Hivelocity - Up to 60% off Dedicated Servers

(@HostDoc) Host Doc - VM Hosting from £10/yr

(@Valentin) Host Expert - Dedicated Servers from $50.47/mo

(@HostSlick) Host Slick - VM Hosting from $5/yr

(@Joshua) Inspire Shared - Shared Hosting from $3.20/yr, Reseller Hosting from $10.50

(@Lampard) Limitless Hosting - Shared Hosting from $0.50/mo

(@Miguel) MyW - Reseller Shared Hosting from €25/yr, Shared Hosting from €12.50/yr

(@Jarland) MXroute - 150GB Reseller Email Hosting $84/yr, 25GB Email Hosting $10/yr

() Netcup - Schedule, Offers

(@QPS) Quick Packet - Dedicated Servers from $25/mo

(@Nick) Ram Node - VM Hosting from $3/mo + 33% Extra Cloud Credit

(@Scohosting) SCO Hosting - VM Hosting from €30/yr

(@FHR) Skylon Host - VM Hosting from €2.99/mo, 40% Top-Up Bonus

(@MichaelCee) Small Web - Shared Hosting from £1.05/yr

(@SoftShellWeb) Soft Shell Web - Shared Hosting from $1.49/mo, VM Hosting from $2/mo

(@SonicMark) Sonic Fast - Up to 50% off of Shared Hosting

(@Hasumin) Tera Delta - Shared Hosting for $10 One-Time Payment

(@Tetahost) Teta Host - Shared Hosting Trial, VM Hosting from €1.50/3mo

(@VirMach) VirMach - Flash Sales

(@visualwebindia) Visual Web Technologies - Shared Hosting from £6/yr


If you comment in this thread, you’ll be put into a draw for one of the giveaway prizes! 1 entry per person, 1 prize per person. The draw will take place at 18:00 GMT, Monday 2nd December.

UPDATE: Winners have been announced [Link]

(@Dedispec) Dedi Spec - 5 x $25 Credits (Towards Any Order)!

(@Andrei) Hetrix Tools - Free Blacklist/Uptime Monitors!

(@HostDoc) Host Doc - 5 x 1 Year VM Hosting (1vCore FS, 512MB RAM, 10GB HDD, 500GB BW, 1 IPv4)

(@Miguel) MyW - 5 x 2GB Shared Hosting (Lifetime)

(@FHR) Skylon Host - 7 x €3 Coupons (Must Pass Fraud Check)

With :heart: Host Balls


The thread everyone has been waiting for !

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How can one participate in the giveaways?

I’ve just clarified this in the original post :slight_smile:

Thanks for putting this together, @Wolveix!

Lots of great deals already (and it’s not even Friday yet on this side of the pond)!! Good stuff everyone :slight_smile:


Thank you guys! Lets have some fun! :heart:


Awesome! Go team HostBalls! :+1:


MXRoute reseller plans looking juicy :drooling_face:

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Wish I needed one of those! :laughing:

I’m all about that free stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Lots of nice things. Too bad I am this poor :sweat_smile: Thanks @Wolveix .
I was about to say that our deal compile extraordinaire would be either @FAT32 or Mason.



just bough mxroute 25gb plan, i dont know what i used for. ready to move mailgun to mxroute. :slight_smile:


Awesome collection, lets burn some money here

Sadly I have something busy on hand right now, will probably only do it on night (GMT+8).


Awesome :slight_smile:

What’s more awesome than deeply discounted Black Friday deals? Free stuff from giveaways! :smile:

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Thanks for putting this together

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