HostBalls is an informal community centered around the hosting industry. By hosting industry we mean web hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, and things of that nature. The crowd attracted to HB may often be Linux nerds, or even web designers. We aim for a free, lighthearted, helpful, and friendly community.

  1. Acceptable Behavior

Don’t be a dick. This is the golden rule. Treat others how you want to be treated. If you really want to be treated badly enough that we have to argue about what that means, you’re being a dick.

  1. Offer Rules

You can post offers for hosting related services in the Offers category. Don’t spam. You know what spam is, you’re not unintelligent. To some degree it’s relative. If you’re debating clicking the Save button because you think it might be considered spam, it is, and don’t.

  1. Staff are servants, and they have authority

When a staff member asks you to refrain from something, that is a rule for you. If you have to write it down, go ahead.

  1. This community will NOT be toxic

That can be read many ways, so let me go ahead and tell you what it means. A toxic community will be defined as these things:

Legitimate hosting companies are better off not participating, as participating causes them more grief and drama. New members are mocked and ridiculed instead of welcomed and helped.