Catalyst Is Back with Unmetered VPS Offers for Black Friday!

You might remember Catalyst, as it has been around since 2012. Catalyst was founded by Ryan Arp and Jarland Donnell, with the goal of being honest and transparent in the industry. It’s so easy to hide behind a fake image of “professionalism” and forget that your customers are real people with real dreams that they want to see accomplished by using your product. That’s what led Catalyst to take the human approach to hosting.

In the years that Catalyst has been quiet, the brand has been increasingly known for offering high bandwidth allocations and reasonably priced, highly reliable servers. After all this time, I’m bringing a new list of offers for you guys, for this Black Friday! They may not be the bottom of the barrel on price, but I think you’ll find them to be above average on consistent quality.

Before the offers, let me get to the BLACK FRIDAY part of the offer, the part that elevates the offers from awesome to amazing:

All servers $5/m or above, purchased between now and the end of Monday (Dec 2, US/Central timezone), will be upgraded to UNMETERED BANDWIDTH! The upgrade will be applied within 48 hours after the order. All YEARLY SERVERS can be upgraded to UNMETERED BANDWIDTH for $12/year.

Offers (OpenVZ 7)

Here’s a run from a system you would be provisioned on:

All servers come with 1x IPv4 and a /64 IPv6 subnet. All servers are provisioned in Dallas, TX on the Hivelocity network.

Package: Mini v2

1 CPU Core
256MB RAM (128MB Swap)
20GB Storage
15TB Bandwidth
DDOS Protected
Order Here

Package: Micro v2

1 CPU Core
512MB RAM (256MB Swap)
30GB Storage
20TB Bandwidth
DDOS Protected
Order Here

Package: Demi v2

1 CPU Core
1GB RAM (512MB Swap)
40GB Storage
25TB Bandwidth
DDOS Protected
Order Here

Package: 2GB v2

2 CPU Cores
2GB RAM (512MB Swap)
60GB Storage
50TB Bandwidth
DDOS Protected
Order Here

Package: 3GB v2

3 CPU Cores
3GB RAM (512MB Swap)
100GB Storage
75TB Bandwidth
DDOS Protected
Order Here

Package: 4GB v2

4 CPU Cores
4GB RAM (1GB Swap)
200GB Storage
100TB Bandwidth
DDOS Protected
Order Here


Welcome back, Catalyst! :slight_smile:

Premium unmetered bandwich sounds… appetizing!

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no sun dried tomato on my bandwich thx


Ah! Jar, Ryan and Don trio! One of the oldest LEB hosts who always maintained good quality.

Are you 3 still part of catalyst? I know someone left. Just can’t recall who.

If anything were ever to happen to Ryan I’d be able to see to it that things are taken care of, much like Ryan would for MXroute, but aside from that I’m not a part of Catalyst.


Your and Ryans bromance is something to die for.

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It’s hard to tell who is Shawn and who is Cory, but we got each other back.


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