HIVELOCITY- Black Friday is now!

Over 60% off select configs today only. These are limited supply offers so you will want to pull the trigger fast if you see something you like. Good luck!

Open a live chat with our Sales Dept if you have any questions. Just click the chat bubble in the lower right hand corner of any page.


2 x E5-2690 3.0GHz Ivy Bridge (20 cores + HT) for $139 - minus 30% with annual payment


Dang… I was hoping for something at $70-$80 monthly in Dallas, but seems those are only available in FL :disappointed:

Nice overall discounts otherwise, I’m seeing even 65% discounts, which is nuts.

We can relocate any of these servers for a one time fee of $50.

That sounds good. How do I proceed? Just order the server I want in Florida and then you’ll move it to Dallas?

You can open a live chat with the Sales Dept and they will assist you.

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Ordered one server yesterday, should be ready and relocated next week.

Cheers for the Black Friday offer! :+1:

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I’m happy you got what you were looking for. Thank you for choosing Hivelocity. We are grateful for you.

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Someone. Please. Ryzen 3. VPS. Tampa.

Thank. You.