Black Friday 2018


HostBalls exclusive offers from our dear friend @armandorg!

SSD UK Shared Hosting Deal

  • 20GB SSD
  • 200GB Bandwidth
  • 20 Custom Emails
  • U.K Location
  • Unmetered Everything Else
  • $15 / 2 years
    Limited to 15 purchases only!

Custom Hosting Web Design

  • 5 Modern & Custom Designed Pages [HTML/static]
  • Custom Logo
  • Full White-label (no ‘designed by’ tags)
  • WHMCS Integration
  • 3 Revisions (requested changes after initial completion)
  • 400$
    Expires 27 November.

BigBox Host

We have new servers available with /24 starting from just $240/mo. Some of the configurations available are as follows:

2xL5420 (8 Cores)
/24 IPv4
10TB Bandwidth at 1gbps port
Cost: $240/mo.

2xE5520 (16 cores)
/24 IPv4
10TB Bandwidth at 1gbps port
Cost: $260/mo.

2xE5620 (16 cores)
10TB Bandwidth at 1gbps port
Cost: $275/mo.

Supermicro 4-Bay 2xE5-2630v2 (24 Cores)
120GB SSD + 2x3TB HDD
/24 IPv4
10TB Bandwidth at 1gbps port
Cost: $290/mo.

To grab the deals contact sales department at or email us at [email protected]


Happy Black Friday & Cyber Monday from @CubeData! And what better time than BF/CM to get awesome deals?

From November 23rd to November 27th (the day after Cyber Monday), we will be doing a 50% OFF promotion on all of our owned licenses using this coupon code: Q3LzvuoO

Check out the official website for further details.

If you cannot pass our automated anti-fraud-system, you will not be able to take part in the promotion. This is due to the nature of the sale. Thanks!

Offer valid from 11/23/18 to 11/26/18 until first 1,000 uses.


We’ve got a couple fantastic deals submitted by @Dedispec, a dual E5 beast and a HostBalls exclusive storage server!

Dual Intel Xeon E5-2670v2
CPU: 2.5Ghz / 3.3Ghz Turbo - 2 Processors (20 Cores / 40 Threads)
Memory: 64GB DDR3 RAM
Storage: 1x 480GB SSD or 4TB HDD
Bandwidth: 1Gbit Port: 100TB/Month
IPs: 5 Usable IPv4 (IPv6 available on request)
Location: Missouri (USA)

BONUS OFFER: Get a free upgrade to 96GB RAM or a free secondary 480GB SSD or 4TB HDD by requesting one or the other in your order notes. Simply say “96GB RAM”, “480GB SSD” or “4TB HDD” in your order notes and it’ll be manually adjusted. You may only choose one free upgrade.

Monthly: $69/Month - Coupon: HostBallsE5

Order Now

HostBalls Exclusive Offer - Storage Server Deal
CPU: 2.26Ghz - 2 Processors (8 Cores / 16 Threads)
Memory: 8GB DDR3 RAM
Storage: 4x 2TB SATA HDD
Bandwidth: 1Gbit Port: 10TB/Month
IPs: 5 Usable IPv4 (IPv6 available on request)
Location: West Virginia (USA)

BONUS OFFER: Double the storage when you pay annually. Pay annually and you’ll receive 4 additional 2TB drives, making it a total of 8x 2TB HDD.

Monthly: $49/Month

Order Now

Offers valid through Cyber Monday (11/26) or while supplies last. Cannot be used to replace an existing service and cannot be used to price match existing servers. New orders only. Will not be honored after the promotion ends.

Gullo's Hosting

@Cam has shared some great NAT VPS deals, check them out below!

  1. Purchase any TWO NAT VPS servers and get another free!
  2. Purchase any TWO WebHosting plans and get ONE of equal or lesser value free!
  3. 50% Off Storage servers 250GB and over using code BF-STOR-50.

For more information and order links, visit the page below:

Promotion ends at midnight (EST) on Friday, Nov 23


Need some great uptime, server, or blacklist monitoring? @Andrei’s got you covered!

Uptime Monitoring + Server Monitoring:

  • 70% OFF Recurring on the Professional package ( $9.95/mo $2.98/mo). [ Promo Code: BFUptimePro2018 ] valid for the first 20 orders only.
  • 40% OFF Recurring on the Business package ( $19.95/mo $11.97/mo). [ Promo Code: BFUptimeBus2018 ] valid for the first 10 orders only.
  • To compare packages and features, please visit our pricing page:
    Uptime Monitor Pricing - HetrixTools

Blacklist Monitoring:


  • You can get an extra 16% OFF Recurring on any package by paying yearly.
  • Coupons will become usable starting with 23 November at around noon UTC time, they cannot be used until then.
  • Coupons will be valid until the maximum number of orders is reached, or until 27 November, whichever comes first.
  • These offers do not stack with any of our previous offers.
  • The same user can get both the Blacklist and the Uptime offers, if they choose to do so.


Hetzner has been running a special all week on their AX and EX lineups! Contact @Hetzner_OL with any questions you may have.

Now until Nov 26, take advantage of NO SETUP FEES on AX-line servers and EX-line servers!

Exclusive for this friday, no setup fees on the managed server lineup!


As you all probably know, @HIVELOCITY has some great specials going all week on their unmanaged and managed dedicated servers!

View a live datacenter stream of the Hivelocity crew giving out prizes on purchased servers! Order any server with the SALE tag next to it and you’ll get to play PLINKO to get a chance to win various amounts of account credit (up to $250!).

Promotion ends Friday 23rd November


@MichaelCee is back again with his insanely cheap shared hosting deal, including a FREE .COM domain if you’re within the first ten people to order one of the bundles below!

After one year, you can renew your domain at £6.99/year, transfer it to your preferred registrar, or let it expire with no commitment. We offer free WHOIS protection and DNS management (please open a support ticket after completing your order to request your .com domain)

Shared-1 Black Friday Bundle

  • 1 x UK cPanel Account
  • 1 x US cPanel Account
  • 1 x EU cPanel Accouns
  • 5 Add-on Domains Each
  • 1GB SSD Disk Storage
  • 100GB Monthly Transfer
    £3.75/Year FOR 3 HOSTING PLANS - 75% OFF DISCOUNT CODE: BF2018

ORDER THE BUNDLE (1 Luxembourg, EU, 1 Manchester, UK, 1 Charlotte, US)

When ordering you’ll be asked for your account hostname in this order: UK > US > EU

Shared-2 Black Friday

  • 5GB SSD Disk Storage
  • Unlimited Add-on Domains
  • 1000GB Monthly Transfer
  • Free .COM Reg or Transfer


Order UK | Order US | Order EU

Shared-3 Black Friday

  • 10GB SSD Disk Storage
  • Unlimited Add-on Domains
  • Unmetered Monthly Transfer
  • Free .COM Reg or Transfer


Order UK | Order US | Order EU


Our friend @HostDoc has some great Black Friday specials for us as well!

BF discounts include:

  • VPS Resource Pools
  • BF Monthly KVM Specials
  • BF Yearly KVM Specq2ials
  • FREE Medium KVM VPS (drawings all week long)
  • FREE NVMe Shared Hosting (with purchase of select products)

Check out all the great offers at the links below:

Promotions will last through Tues. Nov 27th


@hostEONS currently has a great Black Friday special going on this week!

30% OFF PROMO on all VPS Servers on annual, bi-annual, and tri-annual billing cyles!

Coupon code: BF30

Check out the full details in their blog post here:


Anyone need a big ol’ NAT VPS bundle!? @mikho is running a couple of great Black Friday specials!

Get a 256MB NAT VPS at TEN LOCATIONS for $35/year! That’s right, you get TEN servers for just $35 for the entire year!
Offer valid between Nov 23rd and Nov 24th

Or you can pick up a single 2GB NAT VPS in West Virginia for only $10/year!

View the official sales page here.


It’s that time of year again where I push myself to make crazy offers to satisfy your need for email that just does the stupid thing it’s supposed to: Arrive at it’s intended destination.

  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Domains
  • 300 outbound emails per hour (soft limit)
  • 100GB of Storage
  • $15/year OR
  • $25/2years OR
  • $30/3years
  • Order now

AND back by popular request, a $5 plan!

  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Domains
  • 300 outbound emails per hour (soft limit)
  • 5GB of storage
  • $5/year OR
  • $10/2years OR
  • $15/3years
  • Order now

These packages include:

We provide:

  • SMTP / POP3 / IMAP
  • Roundcube, Horde (webmail only), squirrelmail
  • cPanel interface (Why cPanel?)
  • iOS Push
  • Server side filters
  • In-house outbound filtering / rotating delivery system
  • IP reputation issues rarely a problem (and usually mitigated transparently in the case that they do appear, emails are then delivered from another IP)
  • MailCheap fallback (if delivery fails from our system, final delivery attempt goes through MailCheap)
  • 300 outbound emails per hour

So what is MXroute? MXroute is an email hosting provider with the stretch goal of taking on the status quo in the email industry and turning it upside down. No per user cost, pay for the storage you use, and a commitment to high quality inbox delivery (sometimes variables stack in a way that prevents us from providing it, but we still continually work toward the service not being one of those variables).

With :heart: Host Balls


Thanks for posting, @Wolveix :slight_smile:

We’ll be adding more offers to the post as they come in. Providers feel free to add your offer below and one of us can add it to the OP. If you guys find offers elsewhere, feel free to share them with the rest of us! :slight_smile:

If you have any questions about the offers posted above, tag the host and ask away!
Alimemaj - @armandorg
BigBox Host - @BigBox
CubeData - @cubedata
Dedispec - @Dedispec
Gullo’s Hosting - @Cam
HetrixTools - @Andrei
Hetzner - @Hetzner_OL
Hivelocity - @Hivelocity
Ho-ost - @MichaelCee
HostDoc - @HostDoc
hostEONS - @hostEONS
Mr VM - @mikho
MXroute - @Jarland

Happy Black Friday / Cyber Monday everyone!


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Thank you for displaying the offers like that. They look awesome!

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Just got a sweet sweet KVM VPS from @HostDoc


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When I think about the possibility of offers ImpactVPS …


Just in case you missed it.;jsessionid=0;apw71?sigreq=756256352

Black Friday by IKOULA

Single price Dedicated Servers at 19,99 €HT/month

Limited stock, delivery within 1 hour, Bandwidth 1Gbps !

Dear customer,

For the Black Friday this year, we give you a simple choice:
4 dedicated servers, 4 configurations, 4 purposes, 1 single price - 19,99€HT/month, no commitment. Limited stock and Bandwidth 1Gbps !

Setup fees are offered, and the product is available 1 hour after purchase.

  • C-Storage : Intel Core i3 2C/4T @ 3,10Ghz - 8Go DDR3 - 2*2To S-ATA (3Gb/s) Raid Soft option offered
  • C-Memory : Intel Core i5 4C/4T @ 3,10Ghz - 24Go DDR3 - 1To S-ATA (3Gb/s)
  • C-Core : Intel Core i7 4C/8T @ 3,40Ghz - 16Go DDR3 - 2*500Go S-ATA (3Gb/s) Raid Soft option offered
  • Starter Storage : Intel Celeron G3900 2C/2T @ 2,8Ghz - 2*2To S-ATA (6Gb/s) Raid Soft option offered

This seems like really really good offers, ot am I unaware of the competition?

PS: I wasn’t able to get their 1€ VPS to work lol… so yeah, I’m not exactly a fan.

Hold on… its 20 for all 4 servers? I thought it was 20 for one of the four.

I don’t think its that great an offer otherwise.

1 per 20. :confused:

Yeah. It’s not hard for these providers to do these basic configs for €20-30/mo now, and not a good enough deal to risk idling it. Not that impressed :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know if anyone checked it out last year, but here’s a link to NameCheap’s Black Friday deals page. Essentially, they release new coupons each hour. If it’s the same as last year, you’ll need to be quick for the good ones. I snagged a load of domains for less than £1 each last year :stuck_out_tongue: