MXroute - Black Friday 2019

If you’re familiar with us and want to skip the introduction, you can find our offers here:

If you’re new to MXroute, let me tell you a bit about it. MXroute is an e-mail hosting service with a primary focus on outbound delivery. However, we’re continually improving on the inbound and user interface side as well. Our most recent product iteration uses DirectAdmin to allow you to add domains, create e-mail accounts, and configure your service. We offer the things you expect with an e-mail service:

Protocols: SMTP, IMAP, POP3
Webmail: Roundcube, Rainloop, Crossbox
Features: Forwarding, Plus Aliasing, Sieve Filters

You can create unlimited e-mail accounts on unlimited domains, each with their own unique login information for your friends, family, or customers. Every e-mail account has a limit of 300 outbound e-mails per hour.

Delivery: We have a very complex system that sends all outbound emails to one of two redundant outbound filters. Those then send out to random redundant relays which attempt delivery. If delivery fails, the email is forwarded to another IP to try again. After a number of failures, it goes out for a last try through a third party service like MailChannels or SpamWall. If we bounce it back to you, it’s a pretty safe bet that e-mail wasn’t going to get there no matter what you did. We keep our IPs incredibly clean to ensure that you get inbox delivery if possible. We can’t force someone to deliver to the inbox, but we can confirm that all of our IP ranges can deliver to the inbox of all major e-mail services (like Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail) if they will accept yours (by testing our own domains through each).

Our first offer is a new reseller package. Let me give you some answers to the questions you might have about that:
What is reseller and how is it different?
Do reseller accounts have different sending limits?
Can I oversell disk space?

Normally this package will be $25/m. I know I’ve said in the past that Black Friday packages were limited and then continued selling them, but this promotion is only sustainable for 300 orders. It is specifically calculated for the usage we expect of resellers, and can only be deployed on one of two servers in Hetzner Germany. If you miss this, the only way to get it will be to pay $25/m.

Promo: Reseller150

Now I’m also giving a normal, non-reseller promo. This is the standard MXroute e-mail service, and will be much more polished because you’ll already have our custom user template for the control panel, rather than having to set up your own (even though our tutorial for doing that on reseller is pretty easy).

Package: Black Friday 2019

  • 25GB Storage
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Domains
  • 300 outbound emails per hour per sender
  • $10/year
  • Order here

Please note that we do not migrate accounts to promotions, nor upgrade current packages to promotions. Promotions are deployed on specific servers that are built with a specific financial calculation, these packages can only be purchased as new. You are welcome to purchase them and manually move your data to them on your own, if desired.

Oh by the way, we have a little surprise. If you want to test out our Android app, you can download it here:


By the way, I highly recommend resellers consider offering ticket support to their customers as way to provide a value add over our service. Plenty of people seem to want it, and it’s not something I can provide. By doing that, you gain a significant advantage.

Nice deal. I’ve used mxroute for 3.5 years or so now and highly recommend it. Helps greatly with hair loss due to mail issues :stuck_out_tongue:


No doubt a great service that somehow keeps getting better.
MXroute is one of those companies that I can only envision it getting better over time.

PS: I’m a drama queen, so ya know that if I’m not complaining, then it can only be great. :sweat_smile:


After many months of debate you’ve finally got me sold. :slight_smile:

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How do you pass this up? Great deal, great service

You can’t go wrong with a service ran by @Jarland He takes care of you as if you were one of his own seedlings.


Vouch, super service, uptime and support.

Woud choose over any mail service any time.

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Would it be possible in any way to have it deployed onto the London node rather than German one? @Jarland

EDIT: Nevermind, just saw you said no to someone on LET.

Thanks, already had a BF 2018 plan but got another one to support you :+1:

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Same here, love you @Jarland :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:


good girl

I don’t know what to do.

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Buy one, quick!

I’ve migrated one of my addresses over to MXroute so far. Loving every bit of it, you can see care and detail has been put into everything from how the welcome email is worded to how the DirectAdmin panel is customised. I am likely going to migrate some of my old zoho emails over too.

Edit: My end goal, if possible, is to leave the arms of evil Gmail. Hopefully in favour of this. :slight_smile:


I really want a reseller plan for peace of mind but as I can’t migrate a couple of clients (sharing my current MXRoute account) I don’t think I will have any in there :sweat_smile:

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You can’t.
Believe me, I tried for 3years.


I’m too coward to press the pay button.

What I don’t find a use for that reseller plan?

In my view there’s a significant market that MXroute can’t and won’t pick up: People who need hand holding and ticket support. If a reseller set up the best UX they could, created their own easy to use tutorials, and offered ticket support, I think they could easily mark up above MXroute front page prices (which you could even go below and be profitable with that promo) and announce “We’re reselling MXroute” while profiting. If you played your cards right.

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Yeah… That didn’t work. Closed the browser tab instead.


What about backups? Do you know a way to run my own automated backups?

Backups are the reason I like to own my shared server. Last time I got screwed when I deleted a domain but you got the time to help me to restore it fortunately, but some day you will be more busy.

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Resellers can use the DirectAdmin backup system. I don’t like it, but you might.