Spoiling Hetzner - A very small review


One server to rule them all!


Support told me today it would be a few days, so they’re definitely running a bit behind. Kind of a shame since I ordered SSD instead of NVMe specifically because NVMe was listed as having “high demand” on their availability page…


For anyone that cares, it looks like either the miners have given up on the cheap servers or Hetzner has posted more. Either way, this is the cheapest that I’ve seen them in the server auction in a very long time.


These are in their new DC in Finland.


Ah, I see. That makes sense.


Does anyone have a Hetzner Finland test IP?



Ask Crandoph.

Evidently him shitting all over Hetzner and getting called on it makes me a fanboy because I have 1 cloud instance.

@Hetzner_OL - Still no date, even for (evident) whiteknighting!?


Lol that guy is a fucking loon if I’ve ever seen one


Cheers. Snapped one up, too good a deal and the latency is okay.


Yeah, if I needed a euro dedi that’d probably be the first place I check. Latency should be able the same as their Germany DC’s + ~15-30ms.

Iirc they have submarine fiber to the UK and are working on more fiber to Russia or some other Baltic country. Over time their routes will be more optimized.


I’m pretty sure a good majority of these “batshit insane” cases are simply kids with lots of free time. I have a hard time believing he’s an adult anyway.

I’m getting ~40ms in the UK (haven’t bothered to trace but assume it’s going through Germany and then back up) but I don’t mind the obvious routing problems they have right now. If it improves, great, if not it’s still a killer deal. Also Sweden/Norway/Finland/Denmark are getting direct routes that cut the latency down to 10-20ms so it’s still a decent Scandinavian node.


I was so tempted to get one despite the so called bad connection to NA. Except I’m paying enough to idle. When I get income from a real job I can afford to get a bigger idler.


Cant go wrong with hetzner’s 22.69eur/mo. Damn it feels good


Ahhhhh my AX160-SSD was delivered! I’m like a teenage girl at a backstreet boys concert in the 90s right now.

Also comparable to me being at a backstreet boys concert in the 90s or today.


I wanted to get rid of my Online dedicated server, and there I am with a Hetzner i7 in Helsinki :man_shrugging:


Seems like it, I’m getting 20ms from Norway through Sweden.


Yes, we posted a brief note about this on our wiki page, which is unfortunately a bit difficult to find: “AX160-NVMe: Due to very high demand, the setup time is about 1-3 work days.” (https://wiki.hetzner.de/index.php/Auftragsbearbeitung/en) --Katie, Marketing


That’s a separate server from the SSD one though :wink:


Yes, you’re right. Sorry, I need to slow down. :wink: --Katie, Marketing