Spoiling Hetzner - A Very Small Review

So I thought I should write a review about this guys… Now that @Hetzner_OL joins our forums, I think it’s worth to… Right, Katie? :wink:

And yes, I am doing free advertisement!

Decided to launch an instance when Hetzner released their Cloud offers. I had a server with Clouvider and was getting a bit expensive to me. I mean, their service is rock solid, the dedicated server is definitely awesome and Dominik is a great guy, but we had to reduce our budgets. I have canceled several VM’s and Dedicated Servers actually.

First thing I migrated, was our Rocket.Chat instance, for their first 2GB RAM deal. Needless to say: It runs just great. Rocket.Chat isn’t that much IO / CPU intensive either, so it would probably run fine in any other provider, but the fact that I have two locations to choose from, makes me think of building something HA… That’ll be a project for a later time.

Yesterday I had an epiphany: I could migrate our cPanel server to one of their 32GB RAM instance. So I did. Migrated over 70GB in less than an hour, and impressively, the performance is very similar to the Dedicated Server I had. No idea how the hell they do it. I guess it must be their shiny NVMe storage that makes it superbly fast.

Third VPS created, a small API frontend / shoutcast servers, this is a server that’ll host other stuff.

To sum it up, I’m currently spending about 36 euros there, plus a cPanel license from buycpanel.com and couldn’t be happier.

Here’s my wishlist, for now:

  • Additional block storage ← I’ll need it. And while I can’t guess the price, I hope it’ll be something like 0.01EUR per GB, that’d be around 10EUR per TB, and it’s feasible IMHO, at least for my pocket;

  • Finland loation;

  • Custom ISO upload;

  • Katie, this one is for you… Ask your guys to get netboot.xyz there ASAP!

  • One click installers, please, no docker! Or if you do it with docker, do it right;

That’s all for now. Granted that I have plenty more ideas, those I’ll share directly with Katie if she wants to :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you guys enjoyed this honest and short review. I’ve been a client for some years, had a Dedicated Server with them for a while, then migrated to Clouvider, now I’m back to Hetzner.

Both are excellent providers with superb performance / price ratio.

Let’s hope I won’t get too much addicted on Hetzner or I’ll end up spending more than I was…


There sure is a lot of Hetzner cloud love in this forum.

No complaints, myself.

I think they’re pretty awesome, and am considering moving my personal goodies when my NetCup contracts are over. I wish I kept onto a couple of my cheap i7s there, though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Love me some Hetzner. Network isn’t the best crossing the Atlantic, but good enough for my uses. Price to quality ratio is better than OVH in a lot of scenarios - OVH wins for dirt cheap <$20 dedis though.

Still have a pair of E3-1271v3/32GB/2x240GB SSD boxes with them for work, think we’re paying somewhere around $35-40 each. Definitely got our value out of them, had them scraping and crunching a ton of data for the last 18 months.

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I really wish the crypto miners would leave Hetzner auction servers alone, I am paying 5 EUR more a month than a server I had with roughly 35% better performance a few months ago :frowning:


There’s no comparison. Hetzner is like a non-bullshit provider IMO.

Same here, I had two dedicateds there, in total. Best bang for the buck.

I’m afraid those guys won’t go anyway any time soon. Though my experience in cloud is that the CPU’s do have a fair-schedule and it seems to work just fine.
Can’t notice any downtime.

Crypto mining is prohibited on cloud: Cloud and vServer

I don’t see it calming down on dedis until it’s extremely unprofitable to CPU mine cryptonight currencies, but as soon as it becomes unprofitable a new coin gets created & pumped.


Yeah but being prohibited doesn’t mean people won’t still do it, unfortunately… Meh.

I’ll just hope BTC loses all its value as well as alt coins. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Earlier this month I’m ordered a nice Storage Box, better than DreamHost object storage so I was thinking to migrate every data stored there. :wink:

I have never tested their storage boxes, but seems to be a good option to mount it in the Cloud instances, though not sure how it’d work in terms of performance.
Has anyone tried it?

Frankly I might try doing backups at hetzner. I move around MXroute backups on a whim. I don’t promise anyone a consistent location so who cares. They’re mainly for me to use in case of emergency.

I go back and forth though because on one hand local backups make more sense for fast restores, geographic issues in Dallas are so far less likely than disk/RAID failures.

But… Hetzner has some very competitive storage server pricing.

I’m sick of B2 not because it’s not perfect and the absolute rock bottom price for me thus far, but because backup retrieval is just a pain.

So… Anyone seen any storage deals on their auction lately that just scream “You need 10TB of storage for cheap? Here’s the answer.”


Well, I have a corporate client whose asking for online backup. I ordered Hetzner Storage for them, and it can be easily added as a network drive on Windows Explorer. Multiple users are supported too, with access to their own folders. Concurrent connections are limited to 10, I wish it can be extended to a higher number.
In terms of performance, I get 100% uptime to this day. Is it possible to bench this storage box?


My idea would be to mount it on a Linux box, preferably in one of their Cloud instances, and run the tests from there. Dd, fios, etc.

Jetbackup. You wont regret it.

Their best backup server bang-for-the-buck config is an old i7 with 4x4TB. I’ve seen these as low as about 50 Eur before they get snapped up. They currently have 1 in stock:


Thanks to @Miguel for the review and suggestions, and thanks to everyone else for the love. Quite honestly, we had hoped that our customers would be happy with the new Hetzner Cloud products, but we were a little bit shocked by how quickly word has spread, and we owe quite a lot of that to users like you. So thank you. I know many of you are excited about things to come in Finland, and we are, too. So I’ll try to keep you updated about that as well. Some of you have seen my comments on LET regarding the auction servers already. We are trying to keep up with demand, but we only have so much supply. As more servers become available, we’ll put them up. --Katie


Hi Katie!

Understood, I like surprises anyway so I’d rather see how things go, and see you guys launching new features over time :D. I seen that Hetznet Cloud grew really fast, indeed, people have been talking about it a lot. Let’s just hope you guys don’t get infested with miners, we dislike those. That’s for Dedicated Servers instead.


Yes, our team is already working hard to keep miners from using Hetzner Cloud, which is why we updated our legal page as you may have seen: Cloud and vServer However, mining is permitted on all of our dedicated root servers. --Katie, Marketing

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Hi Katie,

It makes sense, but it’s not easy to track those, not by CPU usage as people could be bursting for any other reason… Even though it’s in the ToS, many people will just do it, it’s a problem that many cloud providers have nowadays. Even DPI won’t help much since they can just throw a VPN there.

It’s pretty easy to track. CPU usage is one part of a trend.

Well, CPU usage, full burst doesn’t mean you’re mining.
Neither there’s an exact pattern - could be confused with something else.