Spoiling Hetzner - A very small review


Weird I got nothing. I guess as long as they’re not sending me upset emails I’m in the clear :smiley:


I only paid last week for the instances I had in January. It seems they invoice 30 days after the end of the month :smiley:


They bill in the 7th of each month. At least for us.


Truth in advertising!?!!


Invoices arrive on the second day of every month for me.


Hm. Might be from your signup date then? Dunno.


For customers who are completely new to Hetzner Online, they will likely be invoiced on the 1st or the 5th of the month. If they go over a specific amount of rescourses in a shorter time, they may receive an invoice on the 25th of the month depending on when they start their first instance.

For customers who were already with Hetzner Online before the cloud went live, the billing will be different. And depending upon many factors, there are different billing dates.

And depending on which payment option you have, you may receive your invoice a bit later than after we send it.

If you’re not sure when your invoices should arrive and/or if you have any late payments, you can always a quick support request via Cloud Console and our team will help you. --Katie, Marketing


One invoice, all at once, for everything? Cloud and otherwise? That’s kind of cool. Got my invoice today, was happy to pay it. Best $160 I’ve spent in a while.


Either you’re going balls to the walls with Hetzner Cloud or you picked up a couple dedis :stuck_out_tongue:


:O, I spent around 40 EUR, how did you get that huge bill???

@Hetzner_OL, Katie, we need to somehow limit @jarland’s account, otherwise we’ll go bankrupt.


Mayyyybe :stuck_out_tongue:


Awww look at all that hostballs love!


I heard @jarland is going bankrupt, and he’s gonna blame Hetzner.


I guess the AX160-SSD is considered a custom deployment :frowning:




Don’t know, but it’s been hours so I’m thinking I won’t see it until Monday.


Weird… It usually takes like 20 minutes tops.


@jarland - I can look into this if you would like me to.I just need an order number/client number. Are you still waiting on the order? --Katie, Marketing


Sure :slight_smile:

Order number: B20180309-1046108


What are your plans for that beast? Extreme shoemining?