Spoiling Hetzner - A very small review


As a bit of a language nerd, I was excited to see that gerund for the first time. I really do appreciate it, but I am very married, and to someone else at Hetzner Online. I’ve been getting some raised eye brows from him and our coworkers. There must be someone else in the forum deserving of your flirtations. --Katie


I’ll volunteer to be the recipient of @WSS’s love.


You’ll be like… @WSS’s jar


You brave soul.


You forgot about the “No homo”. Or wait…you didnt. You actually were going with “Yes homo”. This is getting interesting.


Tell them not to be jealous. Also, Gerta in provisioning looks nice- does she like dogs?


What’s the single ladies situation look like at Hetzner? I’m legally a dual citizen, just need to file some paperwork for a new DE passport. Also: I’ll need a German teacher, mein deutsch ist scheiße (much to the disappointment of my Oma & Opa).




Like many IT firms, we’re trying to attract more female colleagues, but we don’t usually ask them about their dating status during interviews. :wink:

There are job openings if you’re interested: https://career.hetzner.com/english For some reason, our English page does not show many of our open positions. (I’ve just written to my colleague about that.) But you can always apply using “Application with own profile”. We have several members of staff who are not originally from Germany, including myself. --Katie, Marketing


Good to know, thanks :slight_smile:

Are there usually many primarily english-speaking positions, or is being fluent in German a requirement from the start?


It depends to some degree on which department/location you’re in. In Nuremberg/Falkenstein, the more “hands-on” positions (cabling, rack building, hardware assemble, etc.) tend to have a lot of speakers who have no contact with customers and therefore have not really needed to speak English since they finished school. For customers support, you need to be able to speak German since we started as a German company and many of our long-time customers expect the support to use it. But support needs to also speak English, too, since more than 70% of our custoemrs are non-German speakers.) In the DCs in Finland, however, support will just be in English. For the positions that involve software development, internal systems, or other adminstration and who do not have contact with customers, theoretically, you can do the job without speaking German. One of my friends who does software development is an asylum seeker from Baghdad, and he only understood and spoke a very little German before starting with us. We are trying to moving in the direction of gradually making English our language of business. But, were not there yet. If you applied with us, it’s be a good thing if you spoke some German or were willing to learn it. You can always apply and just see what happens. --Katie, Marketing


Would be great if their largest instance had a bit more storage space. From the first plan on disk space doubles except for the largest one :frowning:


Agreed. It should double as well.


I’ll pass that on. --Katie, Marketing


Just a small update about the Hetzner Cloud for anyone interested. We’ve added some new third party integrations (Vagrant, Fog, and Kubermatic machine controller) and some libraries for Elixir and Kotlin languages.

You can find the full list here: https://github.com/hetznercloud/awesome-hcloud
–Katie, Marketing


Sounds good, :-).

Have you guys considering matching the ssd space in the last plan?

I had not noticed before @vfuse mentioned it, it should be double, as we’re paying double.


So if I understand this correctly, you are a bit frustrated that it is 240 GB instead of 360 GB of storage in CX51…? Our Hetzner Cloud team is aware of this, but still feels that the price is appropriate for the CX51. I passed this comment onto our team nonetheless. --Katie, Marketing


Hi Katie!

Well, we could purchase 2x16GB RAM instead, that would give us double disk space, however we would be adding further overhead, using an extra IP etc. From my perspective it indeed makes sense to make it proportional.


Hetzner Cloud has finally arrived in Helsinki :slight_smile:


Thanks, ordering it.

I don’t really watch their Facebook page, not a huge fan of social sites. Already got my hands on it, can’t wait to see if it’s the same good quality or not.