Spoiling Hetzner - A very small review


@hammer - Feel free to send suggestions. I can pass them on to my colleagues. :slight_smile:
@yowmamasita - Quite honestly, I’m not sure, but if you PM me your client #, I can check on your status. @Harambe’s explanation might be right. Our department that checks new orders only works regular business hours. Same is true with billing and a few other departments, like me. :wink:
@WSS Could you PM me a screenshot of this invoice/notice and what you see when you click on the attachment? I’d like to help get this sorted out.
–Katie, Marketing


Add netboot.xyz to the ISO list <3


@Miguel - Didn’t you already ask for this…? :wink: I sent that request on on Friday. --Katie


You never fail on us! <3



There was no attachment, hence my confusion. It wasn’t filtered out, as your bills are whitelisted.


The cloud instances come with DDoS protection, right?


Yep, all services with them are DDoS protected now


Any experience with the DDoS protection though? Never noticed any downtime.


I know it’s not netboot.xyz @Miguel, but we added NixOS to our ISO image library for the cloud servers if anyone is interested.

In addition, if you have been using our cloud API and wanted to access the console of a server, you can now request direct access using the “Request Console” server action (VNC over WebSocket). Docs at: https://docs.hetzner.cloud/#resources-server-actions-post-16

–Katie, Marketing


That’s pretty damn goooooooooooooooood!

Did you guys say anything about netboot.xyz? It makes things so much easier and makes me wanting to create like 10 more instances!


Why in gods’ name did I tell you about that project? If I told you about @Hetzner_OL, I’d have only myself to blame.


Sometimes you hurt me feelings!!!


That’s when I know that my life still has purpose.


For any of you who still can’t get enough of the Hetzner Cloud, we’ve just made it easier to request more resources.

–Katie, Marketing


@Hetzner_OL do you have a personal favorite DC out of the 2 available for cloud?


Me, personally…? No, I don’t have a favorite. As some of you might have noticed, I personally do not have a background as an adminstrator. I came to Hetzner Online after having taught English at several state universities in Germany. I teach English in-house, and have been gradually doing more and more on social media in the last few years. Of course, my coworkers use the Hetzner Cloud a lot in their spare time, but I don’t know that there’s a consensus on a favorite location. I would be surprised if people at the Nürnberg and Falkenstein locations could be truly impartial. Everyone likes to be proud of their own team. --Katie, Marketing


On a completely different note, for anyone who’s interested, yesterday we launched two new servers in our EX line, the EX61 and EX61-NVMe. There’s so much variety in our EX lineup now, we had to redesign the page to fit all the models on it. At the top of the page, choose “High I/O” if you’re looking for SSD models and “Storage” if you’re looking for HDDs: https://www.hetzner.com/dedicated-rootserver/matrix-ex

–Katie, Marketing


A couple of great looking Epyc servers as well - quite a bargain actually:



Has anyone paid for Hetzner Cloud yet? February’s balance seems to be wrapped up nicely under pending balance, March is already adding up, and as far as I can tell I haven’t paid a dime yet. Can’t even figure out how to.



[Link is on the last page of your invoice, just under the total]