Spoiling Hetzner - A very small review


There’s already a huge French hosting company in nearby Beauharnois, so things could get interesting :smiley: .


Did… did you just make a German war joke?

I did once, but I think I got away with it.


Wow interesting
But I recommend Quebec/Tex for the following reasons.

  • power is cheap still I think
  • housing is not insane like Toronto or Vancover so I am guessing commertial realistate would be cheaper than those places also
Not sure about cost of net though for business customers probably bad in Canada because of the big three (but I think Quebec has a fourth net actor).


Hahaha no didn’t mean it that way. Was just referring to the odd idea of having two humongous hosting DC’s in approx. the same place, when the place isn’t a big tech hub on the scale of things. OVH’s BHS center was supposedly built at the site of a closed-down aluminum smelting facility, so there were umpty gazillion megawatts of that cheap Quebec hydropower already installed at the site before OVH even got there, very convenient for the DC. I have no idea if that feat can be replicated.


Oh god that was lucky. OVH sure got a nice present.


So, it was a German landwar joke.



Is it normal that I am not able to create cloud projects because I am not yet verified? (>24h now)


Your verification probably got sent after business hours in Germany, will need to wait until Monday most likely.


Oh so nobody verifies accounts during weekends, shame :frowning:


It’s not that uncommon for sales/billing to have the weekend off.

I’ve seen providers where even the abuse department had the weekend off.


I was just emailed my invoice for my use for the month.

Well, not exactly. I was emailed my notice of how much I owed, and that I could pay directly from the attached invoice.

Perhaps it was a grammar issue, but there was no attached invoice, and no link to PayPal anywhere in the email.


The invoice should be in Robot. Have you checked it?


I assumed it would be, but the email itself says that the invoice was attached, and that there was a direct route to pay without having to login through there. It’s only like 3 extra steps, but the email is either wrong, or their PDF attachment setup isn’t working.


Oh I see. In our case we even werent notified about the invoice. I had to login to Robot and it was actually past due date. Looks like their billing integration is far from perfect, hopefully they will sort it soon.


Interestingly, I saw that with PP invoices, there is no means to setup a subscription (yet). Every invoice needs to be manually handled on the payment side (still). That’s a bit annoying. Forbid I had a service like Vova with a few hundred auction boxes…


I have gotten an attachment in the email in the past so should you have. I hope you get this resolved.


I don’t get attached invoices with the emails, and my card gets billed automatically: I didn’t realize it was different with paypal. The email just says my card will be charged shortly (it’s sent out shortly before the actual billing gets done).

You can set the rental periods (1, 3, 6 or 12 months) through the robot and you can also ask via ticket if you want to add some specific amount of funds to your account as credit balance.


Yep. All of my prior Hetzner purchases have been via CC. I think I decided on PP for this one as it was personal/non-business/etc.


I honestly like it because I can click the email (after making sure the email address is correct),
open the attachment, and click a link and login and pay directly.


I’ve always gotten a PDF attachment with a link to their panel, at which point I hit the Paypal button. Wish they implemented billing agreements though. Wish a lot more people offered PP billing agreements, just hit me with an email a week or two before to remind me the charge is coming.