Spoiling Hetzner - A Very Small Review


I go by Reallocated Sectors Count.
Once those go up…



Still zero there…

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Like writing how-tos? Contribute content & make some bank

We at Hetzner Online have just started Hetzner Online Community, a place designed to help developers get started with their projects. We want to build a collection of useful how-tos, guides, and tutorials. Your mom may have told you as a kid, “Nobody likes a know-it-all.” But that’s exactly who we want in our community: developers, admins, resellers, and others.

If you’ve been looking for a way to finance your upcoming project, this may be the perfect solution. Share your knowledge and get € 50 in credit for each of your how-tos that we publish. This credit will work like a gift card for our products. You can use it on our products, including unmanaged dedicated root servers, cloud servers, storage boxes, Nextcloud packages, and more.

The Community is brand neutral. Articles are for the whole community.

Curious to learn more? https://community.hetzner.com/



PayPal fixed their issue with adding a non expired cc and now fixed my failed attempt to make a payment at 4 am

Thanks a lot. Now I’m glücklich / happy :wink:



Schön / great to hear :slight_smile:
–Julia, Marketing



Have you seen this great tutorial on Hetzner Online Community yet?
It’s part 1 of a series of tutorials called real-time applications with Go and ReactJS and it shows you how to build a live http server. Read more: https://community.hetzner.com/…/real-time-apps-with-go-and-…
Part 2 is about the implementing of the SSE protocol.



I suddenly remembered, stickers never reached me and I can understand it can be because of my country

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Sadly mine did not either to Ch.
Sad but to celebrate with a friend’s help I’ve added some more hetzner love to my fleet :wink:

Cheers @Hetzner_OL

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@Shu and @crotaphiticus, Sorry about the trouble with the deliveries. @crotaphiticus, I’m glad to hear that your friends hooked you up. How has your trip been going so far…?

It may not be as exciting as Hetzner stickers, but there is a new TekkTalk up on our YouTube channel to highlight our Cloud Volumes. We tried something new this time and used an interview format. What do you think…? Are any topics you’d like us to cover in future TekkTalks…? --Katie, Marketing



Thanks you so much.
It’s been over like a week or so.
We enjoyed it quite a lot :wink:

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Anyone know how to scale a volume up past 1TB? And is it actually billed hourly? I’m going to add a 2TB volume for a few hours and want to make sure I don’t get fucked.

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I believe you just need to submit a ticket requested the limit removal :slight_smile: Maybe @Hetzner_OL could shed some light :stuck_out_tongue:



I have yet to order anything from Hetzner. Note to self: I really should.

I believe I once had a server yeaaars ago but yeah.



You should definitely check out their Cloud instances! They’re absolutely fantastic, especially for the price.



Strictly no ticket response over the weekend is killer, though.



I’m pretty sure that this was changed a while ago, but I could be wrong. I had a ticket reply within a few minutes on a Sunday last month.



You just learn to be self-proficient. Also, backup, backup, backup!



Hi @Yes (or No?), as @Wolveix already mentioned (thanks btw) you can request a limit removal in a support ticket via our Cloud Console. After our team has removed the limit you can upgrade your volume up to 10 TB. If you are using your volume only a few hours and delete your volume before the end of the billing month, you will only be billed for the hourly rate. It’s the same with our Cloud servers like we mentioned in our Tekktalk :slight_smile:
–Julia, Marketing




Hetzner Online GmbH on Twitter:
Our team carefully chooses what to add to the image library. If enough of our customers request specific images, we will consider adding them. We just need to see that there’s enough demand.

Katie, Julia - We want Void.




Void Linux thx

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