Spoiling Hetzner - A Very Small Review


In case you missed it, we added our EX52 and EX52-NVMe to the Finland location.

Plus, just a few minutes ago, we added this:

If you wind up ordering any, we’d love feedback as always.

Oh, one last thing: we’ve added VAT country selection and a direct login to the website. And our team has worked on UX for people who visit the website using their smartphones.

Hope we’re helping to fight those Monday Blues. :sunny: --Katie, Marketing


EX62 is orgasmic. I already own an EX61 with 2x 6TB HDD + 512gb nVME as addon. I paid €120 in setup fee 2 months ago, will it be possible to get an upgrade to EX62 without paying the setup fee again?
I’m drooling over that i9-9900K and it’s only going to cost me €10 more each month.

PS: still waiting for my stickers and I have no idea where they are



Ugh, I’m already up to like $900/m so… why not.


AX160-NVME and AX160-SSD are without a setup fee right now.

…but I don’t think you have enough courage to buy one, do you?



Because I’m not, im up €130 on 2 accounts on hetzner


Okay so,


It does makes sense but if only I had any idea that their new lineup will be out soon with better config, and less setup fee, I could’ve waited :frowning:


How they keep their prices down I guess, and if they did it one off for you would open a flood gate!


If you’re really interested in making this switch you could try to sell your box on Hetzner’s forum in the hope of (partially) recovering some setup-fee bucks… or, you could keep’em both :sparkler:


I had no clue they had a forum, thanks for the info.




I just asked them to upgrade the CPU and keep everything else as is but they didn’t allow that either.
and no I cannot keep both of them at this point


Glad you’re excited about the EX62 and thanks for posting Ralf’s response. @ashsg is right here with his response. If it got out that we did this with one customer, even one we really like, it would definitely cause some chaos. I know that it’s a bit frustrating still, though, because of our no-roadmaps policy. But this is a very firm policy. The only time people might know something is coming in advance is when we do beta-tests. But we don’t do these too often.
I wish I had news on the stickers. We don’t pay for tracking or anything. I’ve also had people in the US tell me that my Xmas cards took two weeks to arrive when I sent them from Germany. If you still don’t have them in a few weeks’ time, we can re-send them.

@mfs Thanks for mentioning our forum! :slight_smile: I’ve been trying to encourage more English speakers to post here, but I didn’t want to go fishing for them at other forums. (That seemed a bit mean to me.) Our forum is quite different from HostBalls, in that it tends to get down to business pretty quickly. A lot of the threads are in German, mostly because most of our oldest customers are German speakers, but being admins and other tech nerds, their English is going to be pretty decent for the most part. If you see a question in a German-language thread and you want to respond, feel free to do so in English. A really large number of employees check our Forum on an almost-daily basis. And we have some long-time users who give each other really helpful advice. And when we do run beta-tests, we announce them here.

–Katie, Marketing


Does Hetzner have any requirements about changing disks?

Do they need to see a long smart test as proof disk needs changing, etc?


Yes, they ask for a full S.M.A.R.T. report. If they believe that the hard disk needs replacing, they’ll then fulfil the request for you at your desired time.


Just say:
My disk is full.
Please replace.


I’ll do a long test and see what that says. Cheers


@Mr_Tom In my experience they are really lenient, thought it was a dying drive so let them know, gave them S.M.A.R.T even though it didn’t show the drive at fault. IIRC ended up being faulty onboard SATA controller - whole thing from start to finish including system swap (old HDDs into new system, or maybe they just swapped the motherboard) took a couple hours. At like 11PM.



What happens is Current_Pending_Sector and Offline_Uncorrectable will go up, then a day or two later it’ll get an error in the smart log, and they’ll both drop back to zero. Repeat every 7-10 days.

Still working but smart is starting to email me more and more about it lol.