Spoiling Hetzner - A Very Small Review


Thanks for sharing @Wolveix! That was literally the first thing I wanted to do after loggin in here.

I know! One can clearly see a development here. Even though I‘m not in the company for too long, it really makes me proud being part of it.

Btw we now house more than 200.000 servers in our DCs.

–Julia, Marketing


I totally forgot about the stickers.
Maybe next time then :frowning:
or can I still send my postal address?


So far, Hetzner Cloud has been terrific for me and performance for $4 CAD p/m has been nothing short of amazing.

IO is consistent, as is uptime and CPU performance. Keep it up, @Hetzner_OL!


Hi @AayushK, send me your postal address via direct message and I’ll see what I can do :wink: --Julia, Marketing


Well, I got my coworker addicted to Hetzner Cloud now. Told him about it 2 days ago and he already spun up a few decent sized VMs for some personal data processing projects. Can afford to keep them running 24x7 instead of having to snapshot and spin down constantly elsewhere to save $$.


Hi @Harambe Thanks for recommending us to your colleague! I think as a drug of choice goes, Hetzner Cloud is probably one of the healthier ones, but of course, I am pretty biased. :wink: It’s great to know that our low prices allow him to keep his VMs up 24/7 and save him some time/effort. --Katie, Marketing


Are those servers where Hetzner Cloud is hosted? :upside_down_face: Looks shiny and cool like a stock photo, hah.


Yes, you can tell pretty clearly that this is not a stock photo by their custom open-rack kind of system.

Stock photos usually feature a wall of ProLiants or similar.


I know, it’s a pretty fancy photo :slight_smile: The servers on the photo are indeed our own servers, they are no Hetzner Cloud servers though.

–Julia, Marketing


Nah, just meant it looked cool, it reminded me of those stock photos.


Aww, that’s too bad. I wanna see where my server lives. :blush:


I can’t show you the exact cloud servers, but if you want to see inside our Falkenstein DC park, we have a 360° tour :slight_smile: See here: https://www.hetzner.com/unternehmen/360-tour/?country=us

–Julia, Marketing


I just saw the cafeteria and it made me hungry.




Wasn’t there an organized datacenter tour a few years ago? If I remember correctly I got an invite via email. Wish I could go just because I’m interested how does a datacenter of the size of Hetzner looks like in the inside, but driving 1,500 km to Falkenstein was expensive. Maybe could’ve picked up a few HostBalls members from Serbia, Hungary or Austria along the way. :yum:


That could be a great movie.


I ordered a dedi with additional SSD, do Hetzner usually have them ready within a working day? I’d rather not wait 3 days for delivery. What was your experience?


I had additional SSDs delivered in a couple of hours (even less), YMMV. I presume you already checked https://wiki.hetzner.de/index.php/Auftragsbearbeitung/en . For a single SSD I’d bet you’re going to receive it within Monday, let us know if that’s the case :slightly_smiling_face:


Depends how in demand the server you chose and they are, being they released the new model recently their build guys may be under a bit more demand…


Thanks for the replies, guys. They open in 2 hours and I’m in their timezone so we’ll see how it goes today.