Spoiling Hetzner - A Very Small Review


Yes, there was a one-time guided tour for our 20th anniversary. I know, Falkenstein is not exactly the closest to Serbia & Co. That’s why we created the virtual DC tour. Anyway, a bus ride together would have been fun. :smiley:

I wonder which actors do you imagine to play the leading role as Hetzner employee?


As already mentioned by @mfs it can take up to 3 workdays but usually it takes less time. Yes, @ashsg, it also depends on the demand of the specific server you want to order.

Have you ordered your server yet?

–Julia, Marketing


Yeah, I ordered the server on Sunday and it was delivered on Monday around 14:30, which was quite fast considering the technicians aren’t working for the weekends and the server line is new so probably there’s bigger demand for them right now.


@Hetzner_OL Julia or Katie, please excuse in my name to Matthias Oeser from tech support about my bad temper yesterday about the KVM session request. This happened yesterday around 21h.

The mail app on my laptop makes the support tickets a mess. I opened a ticket for a KVM session, then requested another one through the Robot console and he asked me nicely to respond to the previous ticket number about the same issue which then I responded to him with a harsh tone, which was completely unnecessary.

Thank you.

Edit: The ticket in question is 2019021103021707.


Hi @505, it’s sweet of you to apologize. I sent him a message on your behalf. Have fun with your server!

–Julia, Marketing


Believe it or not I expect each invoice of hetzner and I’m not only happy to pay it but even a bit anxious hah
Everything is :ok_hand: no hiccups, no issues of any type ( maybe isolated thing which I blame myself for doing that ( Sales head ( Arno P) was super super flexible and analyzed the case himself).

Excelent job of both Katie and Julia, devs team ( I’ve not tried the cloud thing though).

As falzo once said robot is perfect too.


Hi @crotaphiticus, thanks for the kind words :slight_smile: I’ll make sure my colleagues get to hear them too.

–Julia, Marketing


Hey everyone, maybe you saw this on Social Media already. We updated our EX-line with the launch of our new EX52 dedicated server. Get an overview here: Dedicated Root Server Hosting - Hetzner Online GmbH

–Julia, Marketing


Loving the recent huge constant updates to your range!

Just noticed the AX-100 as well with ECC! Dedicated Root Server Hosting - Hetzner Online GmbH


Heztie has become like @deank says (without the divorce part) a relationship in which when I think hey this guys can’t impress me any more you prove me wrong quite often ( extremely often).
Whoever orchestrates the whole marketing strategies and so on are some very talented peopled.


Seriously, I want to get that new EX52-NVME just because of the awesomeness of its specs-to-price ratio, but I just don’t have any use case for it! :smile:


Kaite forever.


You made Julia sad now


I think you guys probably give us a bit too much credit in the marketing department. The easy part is hagning out here and chatting with you all. I think the much harder part lies with our colleagues, starting with our company leaders and product development team, who have to guess months in advance which way the volatile market will twist and turn; our server assembly team, who has to anticipate all sorts of configurations with our new configurator system; our software developers and system admins; and all the various support teams. I hope I didn’t leave anyone out - that felt a bit like a Grammy’s thank-you speech just now. :wink:

And thanks for rooting both Julia and me on. On the days when I check social media, I often try to save HB for last so I can leave work in an awesome mood. :wink: --Katie, Marketing