Spoiling Hetzner - A very small review


Hi everyone, this is just a friendly reminder that the beta for our Hetzner Cloud Volumes is now over. So if you had any running, we will invoice you for them now. They only cost €0.04/GB/month (without VAT)!

@crotaphiticus Glad to hear that you got yourself another 7700 :slight_smile: I can’t publish any info on a byoip feature - because of the whole we-don’t-reveal-most-things-policy. Sorry :slight_smile: --Katie, Marketing


Does that mean we can now add more than 100GB on the volumes? :smiley:


Looks like it’s currently limited to 1TB, available in Nuremberg and Helsinki but not Falkenstein. The tier of the ttached cloud server doesn’t seem to impact the available volume size either.

EDIT: It would appear that all accounts are limited to 1TB by default, but can request for the limit to be lifted.


Thank you for checking that, I’ll probably attach a small disk for my Rocket.Chat instance, all my logs go there… :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks @Wolveix for your response! I can confirm that this is correct. --Katie