Spoiling Hetzner - A very small review


Hetzner will have offers on the 19th of November with savings up to €179?!


You’re such a tease :wink: Bring on the 19th :v:


Perhaps no setup fee on the AX line?


That evil woman!


I didn’t expect those :joy:


Oh my dear lord! I can’t believe that I’ll encounter those, of all places, here at HB! I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve followed that telenovela–Maria la del Barrio! :joy:


I think it was shown on TV some years ago haha.
No I don’t have a TV ( have one but it’s not connected)


FYI, just received this email:

VOLUMES – Free beta is ending

We’re happy to announce that we will be officially launching our Volumes feature on 6 December 2018.

That means we will start charging for all Volumes on 6 December 2018 at 0.0484€/GB/month incl. 21% VAT.

If you do not want to be charged, please make sure to delete all of your Volumes before 6 December 2018. Your existing Volumes will remain intact. You will not lose any data on your Volumes.

Following the launch you will be able to create volumes with up to 10TB in size and attach up to 16 volumes per server.

If you have any questions, please write us a support ticket via Cloud Console. Thank you for participating in the beta!


Hi beagle, I’ll pass on this suggestion to our dev team. Thanks for the feedback. As you know, we don’t publish roadmaps, so I can’t say if/when they will do this. --Katie


The KVM Console request is so slow :frowning:
I have been waiting since 14 hours now


Hi @AayushK, Could you give me a ticket number please so I can ask one of my colleagues to check on your case? (Although I hope that you’ve received the KVM in the meantime.) Thanks in advance! --Katie, Marketing


I requested a KVM at 4.37AM (CET), 2 days ago… got it at 4:42AM (same morning).

I guess it depends on the queue ?


Hi @Hetzner_OL, Yes I got it. I never got it for the server I requested first but for the second one I got it within 10-15 mins which was good. The good guys at DC also plugged the USB with my ISO and reset my KVM time for me.


@Hetzner_OL mind if I pm you a ticket number plus some extra stuff?


@AayushK Okay, glad that they were able to help you out in the end.
@crotaphiticus Go ahead and send it on. I’ll do my best to help you and look into it if I can.


My friend ordered a AX60-SSD about 14 hours ago and there’s no email and nothing on the robot. Will it help if I leave the order number here so you could help with looking into the status?


Sure, you can PM me a customer number or order number. Please also ask your friend to carefully check his email’s inbox and spam. Our sales team (who checks the orders) sometimes asks new customers for additional information or ID to help verify their identity. But many customers miss these emails from our sales teams. It can take one full business day to verify a new account. During special sales, it may take longer. (However, as long as we can see that the order came in on time, your friend will still get the sale price.) – Katie, Marketing


Thanks Katie.
The ID Verification is done and he even got an order number after placing the order.
The support replied few hours late ( I usually get the replies within 30 mins ) and told him that because it’s a custom order, it might take upto 1-3 days. But he only added an extra drive in the bay.
I’ll send you the order number too :slight_smile:


Hi @AayushK, I’ll look at your message in a minute. Our team strives to answer support tickets within 4 hours. At times, we are able to answer them much more quickly, like the 30-minute-replies that you mention), but please try not always expect response times that are this quick. There are situations where it might take more than 4 hours for us to respond, and we ask for your understanding in these situations. In addition, our non-mission critical departments (Sales/Product Advice, Marketing, Accounting, etc) have normal office hours here in Germany. You can find some of these non-critical department office hours here when you scroll down: https://www.hetzner.com/support-center Our Sales/Product Advice team handles new accounts. It can take up to a full business day to verify a new account.
The extra build time may simply be a matter of supply-and-demand. Our hardware assembly team and our server deployment team work together to make sure that the servers that are highest in demand are built and ready for deployment. But there are often hundreds of possible combinations and permutations for server configurations, so we cannot have them all ready for deployment. Our server assembly team also strives to complete special builds as quickly as possible.
–Katie, Marketing


I should also note here that specials like “Black Week”/Black Friday can cause longer than usual wait times for account verification and server deployment/order completion. Please note:

  1. As long as we receive the order in time, you will still get the sales price.
  2. We will only invoice you for the time once the server goes live.
  3. Our team is working at top speed to complete all orders.
  4. You can check if there are any longer-than-normal wait times here https://wiki.hetzner.de/index.php/Auftragsbearbeitung/en (Sorry that this link is hard to find.) --Katie, Marketing


Hi I know you guys don’t reveal most things you will show in the future but someone I know wants to know if by chance you have in the road map to have byoip feature with dedis.

Btw got myself another 7700.
Should have done in while on bf