Spoiling Hetzner - A very small review


I think we should demand for 10gigs u ( I’m joking)


€1.6/TB… mother of god.


That looks positively drool worthy.


If I may ask, how long is the beta period running for and how much of a heads up do you plan to give us to transition the data if we decide to not use it further?

– EDIT –
Ah, seems the beta isn’t available in Falkenstein. So an answer won’t be useful for me, but might be for others.


Hi everyone! Sorry being away so long.
@null - Thanks for your post about our SX62. I appreciate it! Here’s the direct page: https://www.hetzner.com/dedicated-rootserver/sx62/configurator

@tarasis - AFAIK, we currently have a beta running anymore. The beta tests for both the Hetzner Cloud Volumes and Hetzner Nextcloud are finished. And for those of you who are going “Hetzner Nextcloud…?” here’s some more info: https://wiki.hetzner.de/index.php/Nextcloud/en

@tarasis, if you meant the SX62, it is available in Falkenstein and Helsinki, but not in Nuremberg
–Katie, Marketing


That SX62 is a storage king. Any chance on waiving setup fees during BF?


@vovler, We don’t usually announce sales in advance. Although I like you HostBallers, I can’t give you a heads up on what exactly we have in store for the future. But we do have something up our sleeves. --Katie


Like my comment if you’re giving us 10Gbps Unmetered + 4 x 10TB + setup fees waived + first month free. I won’t tell anyone.


@yes I like your humor, but can’t “like” your comment. :wink: --Katie


Implying you would have if you could have. Message received.


Actually, this was a mistake. The beta for the Volumes is still running. We will send out a warning email in advance before it ends. --Katie


Anyone played with the Nextcloud service yet? Seems like a damn good deal especially starting at just ~$3.50 for 100GB


Yes please, one SX62 without setup fee :wink:
I need a new dedi, just cancelled all my online-net specials after they raised prices.

Looks like one of the “shopping week” sales is AX160-SSD setup fee waived…


Cheers Katie


Oh? Just tried again and its telling me its not available in Falkenstein.



I think she was referring to the SX62 storage server, not the Cloud volumes beta :slight_smile:


Oh yeah possibly. Doh!


But at least does this mean that you’ll have BF deals? :smiley:


@tarasis - Thanks for the clarification. I understand now that you meant the Volumes, not the SX62 server.
@redbamboohouse - If you look at our website and wait for the banners to change (or click on the arrows), you’ll see that we’ve got something planned. All will be revealed o Nov. 19. (I wish I had some dramatic telenovella music to go with this.) :wink: --Katie


Hi Katie, The NextCloud service is a great addition to the product line up.

I’d like to make a suggestion. As far as I understand the only way to access your data is via the web interface and webdav, therefore there is no easy way to backup your NC data. You already offer a backup solution using Borg backup and I think it would be a great solution to integrate both.

In fact I have exactly this setup running on a auction dedi and backing up to another in a different DC.