Black Friday 2018


I grabbed one from last year, but let the domain expire as I wasn’t interested in paying the 19$ to renew it. (was a .online address, missed an .com offers)


chuckles I’ll watch with interest (Its her money I’m spending as I’m a stay at home parent)


Where else are ou seeing i5 witth 24Gb ram for €20?


e3 v5 / 32gb / 2x2tb / unmetered 1gbps 23@hetzner


Where? I don’t see it in the robot, nor their lineup.


Believe it’s an auction server, I already have the deal.


Sounds like one of the ones that they were pumping out when the Finland DC first opened


They come and go. It’s just based on the stock that’s available.


Happy Thanksgiving all :turkey:!


Hi guys!

You can find our black friday deals on our dedicated webpage:

Do not forget, all our prices are in $CAD.

If you have any special request, do not hesitate and we will see what we can do.

Have a happy Thanksgiving! :slight_smile:

Regards, David


Hi David,

nice to see you offering something for black friday!
Could you please tell me if internal traffic (for ex. in NL) is also counted towards the allowance?

Regards, and happy Thanksgiving!


Is this thread limited to hosting?

Humble Bundle is giving away free copies of the Outcast remake (does anyone remember this game?).


Loved the game back in the day and bought the remake earlier this year (which given I haven’t found time to play it, its a shame I didn’t wait. Wanted to support the devs as I’d LOVE a sequel)


For the most part it should stay on topic, but one-offs are fine haha.


We could fork a “what did you buy / what great deals have you found BF thread” from this one


At the moment, no. However if you need a bit more we may be able to help.

Edit: fix sentence since it’s was making no sense.


Thanks @Dedispec
Will take a look at my PayPal and rent if I can


Some really nicely priced dedis considering they’re in the US:


quite good offer from MXroute and in time for new email service to my projects. bought myself one. :slight_smile:


Missed the Hetrixtools promo, will there be any additional. :worried: