What's your "infra" like?

Following @Mason’s topic on Home Labs, I’m wondering how many VPSes, Dedis, Shared hosting, VPSes in basement, etc. you have and what are you using them for?

For me:

  • 1x Dedibox LT DEALS 1706.2 running:
    • Plex
    • Mail server + rainloop
    • filerun (file browser)
    • gogs
    • dokuwiki
    • baikal + AgenDAV
    • syncthing
    • Master DNS
  • 1x Hetzner CX11 running
    • Munin
    • Slave DNS
    • ansible
  • 1x Scaleway ARM64-2GB (powered when needed (and they have node available…))
    • rtorrent

For backups, I have 2 borg repos: Hetzner’s storage box, and rsync.net.

As I’m not using the dedi to its fully potential (barely storing 100GB of important data), I’m thinking on moving to another place, but not decided where yet. BTW, if someone has suggestions I’m all hears (around 20eur/month) :grinning:

Your turn!


My turn!

  • Supermicro 1U located in my employers DC running:
    * Web
    * Mail
    * NS

  • HostHatch 1TB storage running backups

  • BuyVM 128MB KVM in LU for secondary DNS

  • Hetzner CX-something for testing

  • Linode’s for testing - different setups that change quite often

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2 colocated boxes, 7 rented dedicated servers, haven’t counted VPS’s lately but probably over 40 at the moment, and a half dozen shared accounts.

Should be down to 3 dedicated servers in the next couple months, I’ve been moving more stuff to cloud providers and condensing things because the bills are a bit nuts when I look at what I actually need and how overly complicated things are to manage.

VPS’s are next on the chopping block - slowly letting a lot of those expire (cheap, tiny yearlies) and migrating stuff to a dedi/colo box or condensing a bunch of stuff onto a single larger VPS.

For work I’m managing 7-8 dedis and 300+ VMs. That’s also getting re-arranged as we wind down a 2 year project and moving back off of bare metal where it’s not required and back to cloud providers where it’s easier to manage things.


Ok me next


HP Gen 8 Microserver - ESXi 6.5

  • Windows 2016 DC

  • Windows 7 WeatherStation

  • Windows 10 Remote Desktop

  • Ubuntu 16.04 Web and Reverse Proxy Server

  • Ubuntu 16.04 VPN Server

  • Collection of Unifi’s - USG, AP x2, Switches (2x 8, 1x 24), Cams and IP phones

OVH Dedi

  • Ubuntu webserver
  • OPNSense Firewall
  • Unifi Controllers
  • TPLink Controller (was playing with this for a bit can probably go now)
  • FreePBX
  • 2016 DC
  • Win 10 remote desktop


  • UK Webserver
  • NAT Server - small projects
  • NextCloud storage

And my email etc is handled in Office 365 and MX Route (.com & .io)

That’s all just for fun / home lab


3x dedibox LT 2017 (monodb replicaset)
4x LT DEALS 1701.3 (php, nginx, queueing)
3x LT DEALS 1701.1 (mongodb replicaset, dev servers, html to PDF/PNG, backups, queueing)

KVM’s: 8 at Scaleway, 18 at Azure, 7 at OVH, 1 at Terrahost, 2 at Vultr, 2 at DO these do various things but mainly monitoring nodes.

Probably forgetting some VM’s,dedi’s and tasks.

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No love for Hetzner Cloud?

I’ve been looking into migrating to Hetzner since their cloud actually performs really well, maybe sometime this year. It seems like they have a solid platform but let’s see if they run into any issues first in the next few months.

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Yeah I just love it, cheap and runs flawlessly!

Those deals are pretty hard to beat. You’re likely going to end up with sub-par hardware in that price range. The only reason I canceled mine is because I still have one of those 40eur specialty offer E5s with OVH (E5-1620v2/64GB/4x2TB) otherwise I’d be holding on tight to my E3-1220/16GB/2x2TB.

The next best thing would be a SoYouStart box, but that’s probably gonna be higher spec’d and definitely cost a bit more. Could downgrade to a Kimsufi but then you’re talking single drive and negligible savings.

Welp… here we go.

At the house

  • 2x E5-2670 / 64GB RAM Server - for Plex, Guacamole, Odoo, Subsonic, Nextcloud, Crypto Mining

  • 2x E5-2670 / 64GB RAM Server - for Crypto Mining

  • i7-7100 / 16GB RAM / 3x RX 570 - for GPU Crypto Mining

  • Multiple Pi’s - for all-room wireless music streaming

Rented Dedis

  • Choopa (NYC) - i7-7700k / 16GB RAM - for gaming servers (Mount & Blade Warband Mods, Holdfast Nations at War, Counter Strike Global Offensive, Day of Defeat Source, couple TeamSpeak 3 servers)

  • DatabaseByDesign (Phillly) - E3-1270v2 / 16GB RAM - for gaming servers (ARK Survival Evolved, Mount & Blade Warband Mods, Counter Strike Global Offensive)

  • DatabaseByDesign (Philly) - E3-1230v2 / 16GB RAM / 240GB SSD - was running a few game servers, currently being repurposed to be my main database & job runner for my side project (service uptime monitor)

  • DatabaseByDesign (Philly) - 2x E5450 / 32GB RAM - for web apps (personal sites, sites for family, couple Python-based web banner generators, etc.)

  • VirMach (Buffalo) - E3-1240v3 / 32GB RAM - running my free community VPS service (FreeMach), which has 10x 3GB KVMs

  • Heymman Servers (Chicago) - E3-1240v3 / 16GB RAM - for Plex, SickRage, deluge

  • Simply Hosting (UK) - E3-1226v3 / 4GB RAM - for mining

  • SeweryDedykowane (Poland) - i7-4790k / 16GB RAM - for mining


  • 1x AlphaVPS OVZ (NYC) - TS3 and gaming community forums

  • 5x VirMach KVMs (Buffalo, Chicago, LA) - TS3/web, to be utilized as pyPatrol monitoring nodes

  • 2x HostSolutions (Romania) - for Seedboxes, storage

  • Various others (ImpactVPS, Nazwa.pl, AlphaVPS) + NAT bundles (Inception Hosting, mrVM) - to eventually be used as pyPatrol monitoring nodes once that project is up and running.

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From that server I only “need” the 2 drives in RAID1, so Kimsufi is a no brainer unfortunately.

Might move everything to a Hetzner cloud with additional storage when that becomes available (@Hetzner_OL ? :smiley: )

I’ll post something here when I get news about more storage options for the Hetzner Cloud servers. --Katie, Marketing


As I happen I actually have simplified illustrated version of my network:

…in addition to that I also have:

  • 7 Days to Die server hosted on Kimsufi
  • Original ServerStatus running on https://uptime.mrpsycho.pl
  • 2nd SinusBot instance on Kimsufi
  • Terraria server (on Kimsufi too)
    I also added Wishosting’s OVZ Mini to my shits & giggles list.

…and ofc my GeoDNS project:

…since I made this illustration I’ve added Wishosting Hongkong location.


That’s awesome, @MrPsycho. Diagrams are on point! Curious what tool you used to make them and how hard it is to add/edit/deleted nodes as your stack changes?

I used Canva. It’s awesome web-based software for great looking presentations, but doing graphs is real pain in the ass. I’ve spent around 3 hours dong these graphs (from top to bottom). Not only I had to find icons that matched my purple/cyan theme, but the lines are actually one-sided. So I had to overlap two and adjusting them was a real pain in the butt:
As for adding/deleting nodes on the go - it’s basically impossible. Re-arrangement in my case would take another 20 minutes.

If you need to make good looking presentation I can highly recommend Canva. It’s rich in great templates, fonts and icons, but if you need to make a detailed graph quickly, that’s simply not the right software.

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Cool, thanks for the info! If it was quick to get something mapped out then I might consider making one, but looks like gliffy might be an easier route to take for something simple.

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I have this too :slight_smile: Kodi behind every TV


I honestly don’t have a personal server.

I have all of the company servers, but I don’t have one for myself. Any big testing I do, I just do in a vmware on my desktop and if I need something on a fat pipe I just commander Karen’s ridiculously huge plex box.


Just no time to futz around with a personal box or no need/interest?

Just you describing the sheer girth of that server made me feel inadequate as a man.

Pretty well. A personal box would more or less just end up being a dev box for me anyway, and for the most part I do that with slices I tucked away on other nodes.

I mooch Karen’s Plex and something like a ZNC/VPN I threw into a 128MB OVZ I provisioned myself.

It’s a disgustingly overloaded node. it’ll be fun to put together.


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