Spoiling Hetzner - A very small review


yeah, that’s exactly my thoughts and what I did. grabbed an E3-1246v3 /w 32GB and 2x2TB ent. HDD at ~22€ in FSN DC12… got lucky and the HDDs both have only ~1500 hours on it. throw in two 500GB SSD at 10€ each and you’ll end up with a nice hybrid box at 42€ monthly (without VAT)…

for the NVMe I can’t tell, as you say that probably depends on how they generally put those in, but also seems an interesting option - just too lazy to put in a ticket to ask :wink:


Hii @Falzo and @Harambe - So there wasn’t any information on auciton servers on our normal wiki page for extra drives: https://wiki.hetzner.de/index.php/Root_Server_Hardware/en#Drives I checked with one of my colleagues about this, and it’s probably best to write to us either in your order form or before you make your order to ask about this. He told me that only some of the models have the adquate PCLe slots to connect M.2 or U.2 adapters. But we don’t have a wiki article for exactly which server auction models this applies to. --Katie, Marketing


thanks for clarifying, I am happy with those cheap consumer SSDs anyways :wink:


For anyone who needs big storage solutions, we’ve just updated our storage server line: https://www.hetzner.com/dedicated-rootserver/matrix-sx

Just like with caffeine, more is always better, right? --Katie, Marketing


Hi Kate, @Hetzner_OL

Could you please raise with support that although the interface has changed it is still not possible to add more than 1 disk during the order process?

The screenshot shows that there is still 1 drive slot available but the buttons to add more drives are disabled.


They also released dedicated vCPU cloud instances (shamelessly taken from LET :upside_down_face:):



@sshd Thanks for mentioning that and including the screenshot. There’s a bit of information on our wiki, too: https://wiki.hetzner.de/index.php/CloudServer/en#What_are_the_dedicated_vCPU_server_plans.3F

@beagle Thanks for letting me know about the issue with our configuration interface. I appreciate it! I’ve forwarded your post to my colleague.

–Katie, Marketing


But… but…

15 x 10 TB


Don’t forget the SX292’s hardware RAID controller. :wink: --Katie


@beagle - To answer your post about the configurator interface – For some of the models that use this new configurator interface, if you add an HDD, then it is only possible to add a 512GB NVMe. So the 1 drive slot that you see in this screen shot still available is correct. But because of the screen size in this screenshot, you can’t see that the NVMe is still available.
Because it’s not possible to add another HDD in the configuration with your HDDs, the other HDDs in this screenshot are deactivated.
But if you scroll down, you should be able to see that you can add a NVMe.
Our team who is working on the interface is aware that this is an issue that they need to fix. They’re still working on how best to do that. --Katie, Marketing


Thank you for raising that issue with your team. I assumed that because it shows 4 HDD slots that it would be possible to install 4 HDDs. Maybe it just needs a note saying that this model only supports 1 HDD + 1 NVMe.


We’re still working on making the configurator interface/tool more unified, and we know that it needs to be more intuitive than it is at the moment. I believe the team plans to also build in notices about limitations. But, again, thanks for the feedback. We really do appreciate it. --Katie


One of our transport team members told me that we recently sent off our 25th truckload of supplies from Falkenstein to Finland. Our customers have been keeping our hardware and rack assembly teams quite busy.

My colleague also said, “When we load those trucks, we fill up every last square inch.” But he’s German, so he said “square centimeter”. This just sounds strange to me in English, though.)
Does anyone else think in metric in their second language? Or use metric for their native language but have had to get used to US measurements?) --Katie, Marketing


Katie I see some big upgrades into cloud panel but dedis is… Quite outdated.
In my use case ( no , no mining and such( a Pfälzisch lurker had been picky on my grammar) ) I don’t care about routing but do you guys have plans to avoid having all traffic go through Germany ( I’m talking about Finland dedis)?


So I’m expanding to hetzner now. They just have such a great network it doesn’t feel like my traffic is going that distance.


What sort of latency are you seeing from the US? :smiley:
I’m hitting ~15ms from the UK to speed.hetzner.de via AMS-IX


can post benches of cx11 with vps nench with your location? From what I see. it wasn’t very impressive with dd: sequential write speed and ioping.


Tend to sit around 150ms with fast raw speeds (hitting 30mbit or more seems easy). Makes anything I’d actually do pretty much flawless.


If I understood your comment correctly, you’re not happy with the customer interface for our dedicated root servers, which is called “Robot”. Right? Our team constantly works to add new features and to make general improvements. But I’ll pass along your feedback.
We don’t announce improvements/company developments in advance. In general, we at Hetzner only announce new projects/improements once they are finished. --Katie, Marketing


please don’t touch the robot. it’s perfect and offers everything that’s needed.
people who need fancy flat design buttons to be able to start and stop instances are good with the cloud panel and offerings. please! don’t do that to dedicated servers…