Spoiling Hetzner - A very small review


As far as we know everything comes with DDoS protection, but no clue about the real performance behind it.


Yes, they do. :smile: --Katie


Ended up getting a EX41-SSD that someone was transferring. I have to say the transfer process within Hetzner’s panel is top notch! Wanted SSDs for my usage and the EX41 SSD servers still had the setup fee with the current sale :stuck_out_tongue:

The new box will make a nice home for the monitoring service that I’m developing! Initially I was planning on using a DbD box, but based on their history (with ignoring tickets), I’d rather have the system with a more reliable provider in case any issues arise – plus RAID 1 and native IPv6 will be beneficial for the project :smiley:

Will likely be doing some calls for beta users in the next few months.


I am not sure about this, so I will ask and get back to you as soon as I can. --Katie, Marketing


No worries! I already picked up a box from someone in one of the Falkenstein DCs that came with a 7700 :smiley:


Super! I’m glad that you found one with a 7700. :slight_smile: --Katie


Not sure how new it is, but I just saw this: https://wiki.hetzner.de/index.php/BackupService/en (in beta)

Backup Service is a new feature for our storagebox products. It can be used with storage boxes and backup spaces. With the Backup Service it is easy to run automated file system backups. The service consists of 3 essential elements:

  • the web panel:
    • The user interface to manage backup plans and access the stored data
  • the backup software:
    • The application that executes the backups on the client servers. borgbackup
  • the backup agent:
    • The backup agent is the broker between the backup software and the webpanel. The backup agent is installed on the client server and receives settings or commands from the web panel. The backup agent manages the implementation of the backup software and sends backup statistics to the web panel.

Might interest some of you ballers :8ball:


Got myself a shiny new PX61-NVMe.

Those specs and 2x 512GB NVMe, for just 60 bucks and no setup fee, yes please!


It’s almost like anything you throw on it feels like too little of a task, but then the price is just right to use it as a static HTML web server anyway…


Finland or Germany? How’s the network if the 54 Eur offer in Finland?


It’s in Germany :space_invader:


I have a EX41-SSD in Germany and the network is nice. Over 100 Mbps to most locations in eastern us. Can almost max out the Gigabit line going to/from London + France

Last I remember a lot of the traffic to the Finland DC was going through their Germany DC. But that was being worked on since that was shortly after launch, so not sure if that’s still the case or not. If it is, bandwidth should be fine, latency will be Germany + ~10ms


Network seems to be a bit better to the west coast now, about 50-ish Mbps single threaded. At least from Germany, will spin up a VM in Finland later and check speeds. I’d really like one of those EX41-SSD’s with a 10TB HDD add-on :smiley:


Also I just discovered this today that they use Fujitsu servers/boards for their i7 boxes. Thought that was neat since I had only ever encountered supermicro or dell servers in the past.


Sounds like Hetzner got a killer deal from Fujitsu, they’ve been trying really hard to get into the server market the last few years. I bet they got those boards barely above cost - mostly so Fujitsu can throw a Hetzner logo in their white papers and sales materials.

OVH uses primarily Intel server boards nowadays, think Supermicro previously, because they signed some huge deal with Intel. When you’re ordering at scale you can get some really nice deals with favorable multi-year payment terms.

@Mason Which brand/model of drives did you get in that box?


Micron_1100_MTFDDAK512TBN is the model that smartctl reports. So a consumer-level drive, but to be fair an i7 isn’t a server-level CPU :stuck_out_tongue:

Get ~400MB/s disk speed in RAID1


ordered a ~22€ E3 auction server yesterday and asked via ticket to get two additional 500GB SSD thrown in (10€ p.m. each). that was done within one hour without any further questions… kudos to their fast support even on weekends.

also got the same micron model, afaik those have a lifespan of >120TBW. mine came with ~5TBW and ~33TBW on them so far… using RAID1 too, nothing to complain. 40k/40k iops in 4k fio (randrw=50).


So the upgrade process for auction servers was as simple as a ticket? Nice. I didn’t see an option during checkout, so I wasn’t sure if the new add-on pricing applied to auction boxes


yes, exactly. I wasn’t sure either, as I didn’t ask for something like that before… hence I stated exactly like on that list https://www.hetzner.de/flexipack/ - 500 GB SATA 6 Gb/s SSD at a price of 11,90 € (incl. VAT)
just to make sure they would reply if there would be something off with that.

haven’t seen an invoice yet as my billing date with hetzner is something around 25th but heavily doubt that I have to worry about anything here :wink:


Nice :slight_smile: The new add-on pricing PLUS cheap auction servers gives you some really really interesting combos available for cheap. I’m considering a 2xHDD cheap auction box with an SSD.

Wonder what the limitations are for the 14 Eur 512GB NVMe add-on. Wonder if they can jam those into one of the cheap E3s or i7’s with a PCIe riser…