Praising Hetzner

here is a story about service/support… I have an auction server running at hetzner for quite some time and now decided that two additional 500GB SSD could do no harm, especially after the latest price drop for addons.

as this server is running multiple VMs via proxmox in production of course I wanted to reduce downtime as much as possible and make even more sure that I don’t need to reinstall/reconfigure etc.

I opened a service request yesterday asking about the upgrade and scheduling. short answer received: tell a time. so I did, tuesday 22-23 - again short answer: tuesday 22 it is.

While I ordered additional hardware before, it never has been on a production server so I was a bit afraid of possible issues like drive order, no proper reboot etc.

however: server went down 22:03 and came back up 22:10. f*cking SEVEN minutes!!

all services/VMs working, SDC and sdD appearing in the list of devices as expected, one brand new, one with 6k/24TBW. no problems, no further interaction needed…

and remember it’s just 6€/m per SSD, no setup fee, no extra hands-on, nothing.

kudos @Hetzner_OL - that made my whole week!


Oh god does NetCup know? How about @HIVELOCITY?


I don’t have dedicated stuff at netcup :wink:

and @HIVELOCITY (so far) hasn’t offered service in Germany… will see how that might go. however they are quite away from hetzners pricing.

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Awesome :smiley:


Hetzner is above average.




thanks, I noticed that, however that’s so fresh, that probably no one can really give a review… especially for things like hardware replacement that’s going to be interesting as they probably don’t have own personel at the datacenter and need to rely on others… so hetzner clearly has a big advantage here anyway. not like a fair comparison - yet.

(and that pricing :thinking:)


That’s true, I think it’s a brand new offering! Wanted to try it myself, but the pricing :nauseated_face:


I wish hosting companies had a “tip your tech” option in the ticket for when your problem was resolved and the tech was a godsend. For things like this where the tech goes above and beyond, I’d sure like to be able to buy them a beer :slight_smile:


Just checked they are now euro 22 per 2 tb ssd and I’m still paying over 52 each :confused:

Offline has that.
Hetzner has helped me countless times in super professional ways.
Yep tipping the person would be interesting


Hetzner gives you the best bang for your buck

for many years already

Also, DE-IX and AMS-IX are the biggest exchanges in the western world, with the most peerings

Why would you pay double (or even more) in the UK ?

Oi! Yew got a loicence fer that Goiman hosting there, m8!?


You absolute divvy. Do one soft lad.

No bevied up beaut’s goin’ touch me serva

Clou’s an absolute whopper wa needs a spank


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Cant go wrong with hetzner :+1:


A bit off topic : where you are from?

E: from wss comment I’d say British.


That’s what I ask myself.
I mean latency from the UK to eu is barely noticeable


agreed. sadly hetzner handles tickets via mail only and the answers might come from different people each time. so you never know who really did the job. though, they could do a piggy bank for the team or whatever :wink:

with I never tipped tbh. despite the support usually being decent I always only needed them because of something not working and for that it simply felt wrong to support them with probable low wages for their techs by giving tips.


I can’t say anything bad about Hetzner, been with them for years


You’re very welcome @Falzo! :slight_smile:

We’re thrilled to read such stories. Our support team works hard to give our customers a good service and I believe this is worth it to sometimes go the extra mile.

I’ll make sure that your feedback gets forwarded to our support superheros.

Wish you a wonderful rest of the week!

–Julia, Marketing


They are great for storage too