[MXroute] Email Hosting - 50% off for HostBalls visitors!


MXroute is an email hosting provider that uses a familiar interface, cPanel. On the backend, we do a lot of work to make sure that we’re more than “just another host that installed cPanel on a server.” We ensure the absolute highest quality delivery that money can buy, via MailChannels. We work hard to optimize our systems for email. No longer is email an afterthought added on to shared hosting, but something specifically tailored to your needs at MXroute.

A few features:

  1. cPanel based front-end
  2. MailChannels for all outbound email (Never worry about blacklisted IPs again)
  3. POP/SMTP/IMAP Supported
  4. Push email on iOS supported

You can order at MXroute.com anytime. There’s even a nice promo linked at the top! You can get 50% off with promo code E4CNQ7W2FA. This is a recurring 50% discount, for the life of your service. Only 100 of these promo codes available for use!


Thanks for the offer for a premium service! anyone feeling generous, feel free to use my aff code :kissing_heart:


Also anyone who enjoys making some money, jump on that affiliate program :wink:

I’m a little slower on the payout than I’d like sometimes, but always good for it and I’ve got some customers just sitting back and making some decent money from it. It’s all recurring, not a one time per referral.


I’m waiting for SMTP relay so I use it on my cPanel server and offer proper emailing services instead of bog stanard straight to junk cPanel email.

Hurry up!! @jarland


You’re in luck! Miguel is handling that side of it at mxroute.io :slight_smile:


I’m broke mayn I can’t afford to pay 5 EUR a month :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Nah, I’ll probably end up there soon enough.


Then again, the reason I’m waiting on you is because it’d be more conveniant to be able to use my Mxroute.com instead of paying for both as well but you can’t get everything in life :disappointed_relieved:


I’m already on the 10 year plan! :sob: :sunglasses:


I’m fairly certain I had 2 accounts until recently. Also still have an MXShared plan with sites still live on it, let me know if you want me to start paying for that again, lol.


You can just PM me if you need something smaller, paid yearly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This reminds me that I bought one a little while ago and I still haven’t set it up.


As of tonight we’ve pushed V1 of our custom control panel. Don’t get too excited, “custom control panel” is a bit of a marketing term. It’s accurate depending on how you like to interpret things.

Anyway, it’s a cPanel theme finally customized properly. Still a lot more to do. Finalizing the customizations to ensure that everything not MXroute related or relevant is removed, streamlining processes through the existing UX, and then a redesign. By the end of it, I’ll be able to stop advertising cPanel just to prevent chargebacks :stuck_out_tongue:


Is the server IP hidden in the headers? Because I tried GMAIL’s SMTP and those fucks put the main server IP in the headers. Was going to use their free SMTP for just simple user registrations on my new forum, which is behind cloudflare.

I then tried hotmail’s and yahoo’s. Yahoo hid the IP. But yahoo’s delay is terrible (2-4 minutes), and for hotmail, that was a lie – didn’t try their smtp yet cause I raged.