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If I’m hosting emails with mxroute, how do I use an email account with sendy? I see it only works with amazon SES


The only way to do that will be through mailing list software. You’ll really appreciate the time investment into a good mailing list manager application though. We have mailman with cPanel but, to be frank, it’s pretty archaic.

Granted, I suppose another way to do it is just manually dividing the recipients into batches and processing the batches by hand. That’d probably drive anyone insane though.

You can specify the SMTP server and credentials:



I’d like to know if I’m the only one around here that did not use the 50% discount voucher. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Can this happen with registration/email confirmation emails?


Yes. Just report to us and we will sort it!


It can, but it’s unlikely to unless you get flooded with spam registrations.


Damn totally forgot about this discount and the BlackFriday offers that were still going back in Feb. Had meant to take advantage of the 100GB option.

Was just reminded this evening, when my wife asked me what would happen with her email account & my self hosted email server when I died. (Coz she knows ZIP about anything server related)

Hopefully something similar will be available this BlackFriday.


You are ok with your wife saying you will die first?.. Hope you took advantage of the moment.


Remember: A best friend will wipe your browser history after you die, and knows how to access all of your stuff :smiley:


Honestly doesn’t bother me :slightly_smiling_face: divorce might come before that.


chuckles a good idea. I did write long notes when I was laid up in hospital a year or two ago, but never got around to sending them to anyone.