Mailing list signup and simple address list management software

A non-profit client of mine have been using Mailchimp for having people signup for newsletter, both for email and paper versions. But they’re not entirely happy with it, still has to maintain a separat lists locally. (These are low volume/infrequent lists with 20-150 subscribers.)

In different threads (like this one) I’ve seen @Jarland and others recommend Sendy.

Looking for a cheap/free solution providing:

  • Signup forms
  • Easy address management
    • Should be possible to filter lists by Country and other criterias
    • Blacklisted addresses shouldn’t be re-added by accident
  • Easy interface for sending to various groups/lists

So, can’t really tell if Sendy or other list management solutions offer enough Customer database functionality, or if we should look for a cheap/free CRM solution and only utilize small parts of it …

(Checked out Sendy’s demo, but weren’t able to tell if Name and Email are the only available fields, or if we could add more custom fields for Postal address etc.)

I have used this works fine :slight_smile:

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I was just reading about it, checked if it was available in Softaculous … :slight_smile:

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In mailchimp, use tags to segment your lists. That should solve your problem :slight_smile:
…you can also create segments by location to solve the second issue.
oh… and if you don’t like tags, then you can create a second list.
List A for the Email subscribers
List B for the Paper subscribers.

Although, if you ask me, the paper vs newsletter thingy is something that should be handled outside of whichever newsletter platform you are working with. But as you see above, there are severe ways to do it in Mailchimp.