LET Refugee Camp


Happens when one drinks too much @cider.


The word you’re looking for is erect.


Happy to see everyone here :slight_smile:


@AnthonySmith here yet?


Ask @NotDrMike.


I don’t expect @Ant to be here. The dude has become a changed man after man flu he had recently. He is … different now.


Can’t save everyone.


Indeed, I am a lost cause.


LET is corrupted. They work with the goverment


BH (AKA HB) is too lewd. They work with balls.


Actually, I see nothing wrong in playing with balls…



Guess I should change my name.



If at any time you feel that this thread has run it’s course, feel free to close it.

I didn’t really intend to have it turn into a ghetto introduction thread lol :wink:



Not a refugee.
I just came for the Hetzner stickers.
But enjoying it so far.


I like this one for simple and clean threads but LET is more active as of today. Not refugee either.




This is more serious I guess.


@eol It’s nice to hear that you wanted the stickers so badly that you tried out HostBalls. That feels like a really awesome completment. But actually you could have also just written us a private message on LET. There were one or two people who did that before I think. They just didn’t post pictures of the stickers when they arrived in the mail.
Since the stickers do cost something to send, we are just doing this for people so far on LET and HostBalls. I hope that we can eventually develop something that our customers can play around with as makers, for example, some sort of design that they could print on their own or use with a laser cutter or 3D printer or something else. But that’s something that’s on the backburner for now.
–Katie, Marketing


those setup fees!!

still … never received any stickers :thinking::cry:

edit: and btw, invoice numbers nowaday are at R0009234389 and counting :open_mouth::wink:

edit2: just found, somehow that EQ4 had been quite sticky :wink:

did someone mention hetzner? :rofl::rofl::rofl: