LET Refugee Camp




Boo hiss vanilla.


:smiley: you need to join that discussion. Endis night is missed there.


I think you mean $7.


When some of my favoured providers are coming over, I guess it’s time to brave a strange new forum software’s signup UX.

Discourse signup was quite pleasant on mobile. Big fonts :+1:


Can’t be on LET anymore without having my brain go to high alert mode. HostBalls is quite boring in comparison though.


THIS. I don’t want to live in a John leCarre novel.


I like LET for bringing so many idiots to the place. But it is overall on its last leg (penis).


Yes, but that would have to be a starting price for auction, and I must also participate too: $8


More and more, every day. End is nigh @deank


I totally moved from LET to HB. The community is toxic over there. There isnt respect between the members. I laugh here, I cry in LET. Bleh.


Btw lets get @Clouvider and @AlexBarakov their tag :grin:


I’m here to collect my refugee benefits.


Fine, welcome to Nigh sect.


Surprisingly, the thing that really pisses me off at LET nowadays isn’t so much the drama but the prevalence of hollow replies. It isn’t even shitposting; the replies are really just, well, stupid. Things like “Yes”, “No”, and the recent penchant to all things poop. :confused:


I leave for the weekend and this place blows up, y’all are screwing up my chill hangout.


j/k, just surprised it took you guys a year <3


Or just post/topics which are utter crazy, I’m sure it’s just turning into a Q&A type forum for people and their random questions.

For example : https://www.lowendtalk.com/discussion/155806/does-scaleway-have-c2l-bare-metal-in-singapore-location


Things people do at LET

  1. Perform discreet surveys.
  2. Support team (Really?) asks often the most basic questions.
  3. Use it as primary support desk.
  4. IPv4 for 0.1 bucks
  5. Asks CC question such as “Is Nigh sect LTD owned by Cowcrossing?”
  6. Looking for 1 buck a year KVM vps with 1 IPv4.
  7. Flag “The end is nigh” post by someone you all know.
  8. Asking for impossible direct route 1Gps guaranteed to China for 7 bucks a year.
  9. Randomly asks when LET will suport IPv6 and inserts complaints about Cespoolcrossing.
  10. LET admin (you-know-who) publicly states that he will make LET great again when he’s making it worse with every decision.
  11. Dearest all …, nuff said.
  12. Dedicated server (??? no further info given)
  13. Randomly declares a company being racist for reasons unknown other than their orders being rejected.
  14. Resistance is futile. Admit that I am right and join Nigh sect.


Wow, the list keeps growing. @deank is very engaged :P.


Or is it enraged?