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Our team tries to keep our setup fees at a nice “Goldilocks” number (not too high, not too low). I like the solution of having no-setup-fee sales occassionally. I think we’ve also had more of these this year than any of the other 3 since I’ve been at the company. :wink:

stickers - Did you ask here via PM? I just checked my messages again to see if you’d given me your postal address and didn’t see a message from you there. Julia sent some stickers yesterday, but they were for somoeone else. We’ll be happy to send you some.

The EQ - We have a few customers with servers still running that were deployed before 2001. :wink:

What made you check this invoice from so long ago…? Are you really, really behind on your taxes or something? (I just remembered that I need to work on my US taxes! <fist shaking reminiscent of “Seinfeld”>)

If you’re looking for a blast from the past, have you seen our wiki page with our old ads? Werbung zurückliegend – Hetzner DokuWiki

–Katie, Marketing

P.S. Thanks for mentioning us. I’m not sure very many people here know who we are. :wink:


yes I agree, it’s better now, compared to the early years :wink:
occasional no setup fee is much better than meager 10€ coupons from c’t backside (thanks for the nostalgica link to the wiki page!!) :smiley:

no I didn’t…

to “accidentically” leave my invoice numbers here for you to figure where to send the loyalty gifts too… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy:

also sometimes I realize my probable age and need to verify that I am not:

hence, I looked up when I became a customer of hetzner. :laughing:

( and I am never late on taxes, I already even did them for complete 2018 :stuck_out_tongue: )


Oh, good point. Yeah, that’ll do pig, that’ll do. :wink: --Katie


Oh god… I’m pretty sure those stickers were for me, but I started the PM with “Hi Katie”. What I’ve done :anguished:


they eventually will reach you with a personal note…

"Dear MrClown, "



I see.
Thanks again.
I would say it was really worth it.


Don’t worry @MrPsycho, I’m used to it already :smiley: Katie and I both check the forums but we don’t have a clear shedule so I know it’s confusing. Anyway, I put the stickers in the mail for you.

I’m glad you think about it that way, @eol.

–Julia, Marketing


When I first set up the accounts for the company on HostBalls and elsewhere, I thought I would be the only one posting on them. But then things really kind of took off on social media last year, and so we looked for someone to help me out. (I do translations and in-house English classes, too.) We got really luck and found Julia. ::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: So now we have the two of us on one account. :wink: --Katie, Marketing


You could always make a separate account :stuck_out_tongue: Your username could be Hetzner_Katie (or something along those lines).


I thought about that, but I hope we can keep the system we have. Right now, it is easy for both Julia and I to see all of the Hetzner-related questions/posts/messages. If we had separate accounts, and say, I went on vacation, Julia would have to check both accounts just to be sure that no one wrote a private message on my account. --Katie, Marketing


That’s fair. There are things you could do about that, but I suppose it just becomes an unnecessary hassle at that point. Either way, it’s great to have you both here :slight_smile:


That’s awesome to hear! I have a similar job at DigitalOcean and I’m also looking forward to a second me in the not too distant future. Expectations of social media are not going away, you can either rise to the occasion or miss the opportunity.


No trolls? But i liked it here. :sob:


Jar’s wanting his own Mini-Me :slight_smile:


Hoping to see a mini me in the mirror this time next year, damn did I get fat lol


Take care of yourself. It wont get easier when your older if you are putting on weight already.

Been there, done that. More then once :frowning:



Katie & Julia, thanks for the efforts, much appreciated :hugs: :grin:


I made the mistake of commenting on LET again, and as always some troll directly attacked me for no reason. Cool. I think I’ll block it in my hosts file so I can’t access it. It’s funny how that forum has gone from a genuinely useful resource, to a basically unmoderated forum overrun by trolls and toxic comments.


If it was me I am sorry.


You’re one of my favourite people on that forum. Your posts are amusing. :slight_smile: