LET Refugee Camp

Is everyone really just going to move over to HB?

I’m not complaining about anything — in fact, I’m quite thankful that @Jarland created an environment where toxicity isn’t encouraged and tr0lls are at a minimum. I hope that @Jarland can keep this community together and doesn’t sell the community or anything. I really want this place to be different from LET.

Edit: So l guess what I’m trying to say is that Vanilla is crap and the upper management @ LET is corrupt. I’m happy to be here and I hope y’all are too! :slight_smile:


We’re not refugees. We’re the new order.


“an environment where toxicity isn’t encouraged and tr0lls are at a minimum”

This is just for the moment. That is how LET started too.

It was fine until it was sold many years back.

Nothing lasts forever. Nothing. Einstein said that “everything is relative”.

If Jarland will sell this for top dollars, this community will fall too. If something bad happens with him in real life, this will fall. If it gets hacked or bad moderators are selected, it will fall. Anything can happen. For now it is good, like LET was once, but it is bound to fall, simply because empires rise and empires fall making it all insignifiant throughout time.

The world can’t get rid of me yet.


Afternoon from London. =).




Maybe. But until then I’ll happily. enjoy!

Perhaps. That doesn’t mean that HB will go to shit too. Of course things will change as nothing last forever, but that equally doesn’t just mean that it will fall under the same circumstances. I’m not saying that it won’t ever fall or stop being a community, but viewing everything in such a way is incredibly pessimistic and honestly sad. Just enjoy it while it lasts, which will hopefully be a long time :slight_smile:

If something bad were to happen to @Jarland or if he wanted to step down, I know that I would be happy to manage the community (as I’m sure @Mason would be too). If the community was “hacked”, we have backups, and we could rebuild. The same would apply to the scenario where bad moderators were picked.

Of course I’m somewhat idealistic. I’m not blind to the impending end, I just prefer to maintain a optimistic outlook on life.

For everyone that’s new to the community, welcome! @Jarland, @Mason and I hope that you enjoy your time here as we have.


Join NIgh sect. Be free. Be doomed.


The great part about owning it was what I hoped I could bring to LET when running it: I don’t need money from it. Community is so much harder to build than a source of income. Trading the first for the second is a terrible waste.

There’s always someone looking to cash in and I get it, it’s not wrong to do so. It’s just not what I want.


… too bad CC only cares about their BuySellAds revenue.

I turned AdGuard on a few months ago to block only LET & YouTube ads (whitelisted the channels that I’m subscribed to). A bunch of other sites that didn’t make my whitelist:

  • The Verge
  • Business Insider
  • etc.

Side note: one thing I like about HB is that I can sidetrack a thread without any repurcussions :slight_smile:


The CC guys are genuinely nice people though. If you engage them directly they’re quite honest and friendly. If we were all hanging out at my place and passing around beers and war stories, I’d be glad to have them.


Hey guys! I have a feeling that I will enjoy it here.


Be aware when you are here though.

Ballshosting is known to harvest balls. If U stay here for 2 long, you will become a woman.

Welcome @Clouvider & @AlexBarakov! :slight_smile: Happy to have you guys in our midst


Eh, so @Cider is here, too, eh.

Did you miss me?

I prefer screwdriver.

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