Hobbies Outside of Technology


With a 3 year old and a 6 year old my life doesn’t leave much room for hobbies currently. When I not working I am playing with my kids and when I am not doing that I am working. I play basketball every Sunday, golf once every 4 months and love craft beer…IPAs are my favorite. I try to read books but always end up checking email.


Wow man you got more focus than I do. But you are running a business and when someone does that their really is no down time. I got an uncle who runs one and kind of modivates me to do the same some times but I look at the hours he gives it and am like wow that is dedication. I will test if I can put some dedication into my tech this week.


Hmhm. Looks like you already have things more or less planned. I am pretty sure people will help you should you ever need. You are pretty much independent on gym from what I understood so you just need to ask for a bit of help. I mean, just to guide you there.


Craft beer is very interesting. I was once temped to start crafting my own beer but meh. I quit drinking close to a year ago.


I own a company, WNDP WebNegócio Lda with a total of 4 brands and 2 NOC support contracts. I end up working 16 hours per day

We own a pretty large office, 118m2 so got plenty of space to hire people to run additional NOC support contracts. Issue is finding people capable of doing so / with the necessary skills and a decent english.




Hired two guys past year:

1st guy - His English skills were horrible. Spent more time teaching him basic English than doing NOC myself. Fired him because we didn’t trust him.

2nd guy - Two IT engineering degrees. Said that his English wasnt bad. Spent more time teaching him basic English than doing NOC myself. This one was such a nice guy but his skills were terrible. In the second day of work he said that maybe he was not going to be a good fit because I told him to have a look at a few frameworks PHP based and he, with two damn IT engineering degrees didn’t know how to program basic stuff. Had to fire him as well.


That’s always the issue when hiring. How much can you do, and when does it become less problematic to just figure out/handle it yourself.


Exactly. I got really tired. Doing NOC, then having to train them etc… I gave up. I nowadays look for geeks that speak English decently and have some skills. That is the bare minimum.


Php is dark sorcery my friend. But laravel is one of the best webbased things I have seen so far. I hope their are other beautiful other peoples code.
Also, the reason why I can’t go to the gym myself is because things walk all the time in the gym so I would have trouble getting used to the layout or finding the 25 pound plates if they have been moved. This is why I sugested building a private gym/ getting adjustable weights or using
@WSS’s car as my adjustable dumbell.


Just hired a couple new girls to handle support. Main thing we looked at was problem solving skills and google proficiency, lol. Focusing specifically on that criteria cut down 100+ questions/day to just 5-10, and those are usually for things that they couldn’t find in a search through tickets/emails/docs and need to be escalated.

We also long ago decided to pay the premium for native english speakers in a first world country.


Ah. I see your point. It does make sense. Maybe build your own gym? If you have enough space too. Granted its not cheap. But… Unfortunately gyms do not adapt / provide you the guidance you need. Which is stupid because we are talking about gyms that promote an active life.


Look, kid. I let you live. Don’t touch the car.

Yeah. Sometimes by the time your tickets get escalated up, the customer is so annoyed by misunderstandings, well…

It can be difficult with dialect issues, but by the same token, if I’m paying $10/yr, I don’t exactly expect stellar service.


I think I will get through it also. But looks like after I am done university I will try to get some dumbbells that can be adjusted, you can do many things with dumbbells. I am greatful for volunteers I got now. By the way, while auto scroll is annoying, the reply thing is pretty accessible.


While my English skills are far from perfect, I have seen worse. I have replied to many thousands of tickets and it was enough for all the tickets I responded to. I really just need someone who has some skills and able to speak English just fine.
Unfortunately Portugal is all about CVs, with lots of skills but no knowledge, pure bullshit. People lie a lot when they write their CV. They say their English profiency is level 3 (close to native speaker) and the reality is a level 1 (basic), sometimes even -1.


Yep. Went to the gym for five years. Trying to come back / get addicted again. I miss gym. Really do.


But it would be the best adjustible dumbbell because you can make it as light or as heavy as you want.
Most adjustible dumbels I have seen have a limit of 75-90 pounds each. All you got to do for the car is take things off to make light (like the trunk for instance) and hammer things back on to make it heavy.


I’ve got a portable set of dumbbells with weights you can have for free- but shipping wouldn’t be worthwhile.


My favorite joke from the “Old Internet” was “How do you know someone isn’t a native English speaker?” They can write coherently.


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