Hobbies Outside of Technology


Back in 1992, my statement made perfect sense.


Thanks for the thought bro. Don’t worry. I got a year before I need to think about it. Also
A teacher pushed me to try and loved it ever since. But sometimes take breaks like in the summer. My body has gotten so used to my inconsistency that it’s regaining my losses at break neck speed.


I had to edit my post because I hadnt got it. :grin:




So you stop going to the gym when your abs need to be in shape? :grin:




your car is safe man. Why did you call Nanny.


Granny’s gonna beat your ass.


Reading a book always gives me insight.


I guess IT has become a hobby as my main job has become management.

I read a fair amount mostly easy reading, detective novels. I watch a number of TV series, most of the marvel and DC ones and procedural things like NCIS.

I’m a single parent to, so a fair amount of time being a dad


Am I the only one who likes cooking around here?


Thank you for volunteering to cater our next HB summit!!

Just kidding. That’s awesome, though. I wish I had a hobby that put delicious food in my belly :slight_smile:


Sports (Gym, Muay Thai and Krav Maga), bonefires, music :stuck_out_tongue:
Also Anime/Netflix series & Gaming (PC) if it counts.


The ballers’ sausage party?


LOL… sorry, but that choice of words made me laugh :stuck_out_tongue:


On Blockchain.

The session went smooth :smiley: they called me up again this weekend for another lecture.

I’m happy :slight_smile:


Hi all, another addictive hobby of mine is fishkeeping. I only keep freshwater fish but here is one of the most intresting fish I’ve seen.


received_2089600817757686 I’ve just discovered stud.io which allows you to build and buy your own custom Lego models. My daughter and I have spent ages designing and ordering!


That’s so cool! I used to build loads of great models when I was younger, but didn’t have the money to physically buy them back then.


I like to work out and ride my bike and cook a bit.
Learn new languages and taking photos