Hobbies Outside of Technology


6’7 lock checking in. Only played a couple seasons in high school though.


I have over 20 accounts on reddit, trolling on every one. I find it fun and relaxing, and a coping mechanism from real life issues. Great hobby IMO, especially since reddit made it super easy to make new accounts. Although, they need fix their registration page button. It doesn’t show you it activates (unless you wait 2-3 seconds), but by that time, I usually accidentally click it twice… then it screws up registration. But in any event, it does work quite well, and I am happy.


Reddit: millions of users

Secretly 300 people.


Don’t even get me started on Twitter/Facebook…




I like to read physical books sometimes, which is apparently strange these days. And since everyone seems to be mentioning video games despite them being related to technology, I guess I can too. I like to play games like Opus Magnum and Risk of Rain, gonna try Dead Cells soon too, generally anything challenging is something I’d like.


Ya know, someone made a joke about their battery dying so they were reading an old Stephen King book. I thought to myself “I’ve got one of those at my desk, and it’s been sitting there for years, unread.”

Then again, I got over Stephen King when I hit my sophomore year…


Hello all first of all. I love working out at gym, listening to mostly alternative rock bands, watching anime, reading fantasy from time to time if it is good (last book was book 5 of steven King’s dark tower series), looking at programming tutorials, and reading the news and forums.


Welcome to HB!
Still rocking on Laravel? :grin:


Yes my man. But mid terms have been slaughtering me.
Some super genious decided it was a good idea to give a student 4 mid terms, 1 quiz do today, an assignment do last sunday, and an assignment do the comming sunday.
At least the week is almost over and then I will do nothing except work on my site, and try to look for sumer jobs at my leasure.


Not to be overly rude, but watching anime? With pants on?


Actually no self respecting anime lover likes Henti lol.
Also how do you know I’m whering anything at all? I did not let you look at my webcam.


I know the feeling. I guess you just need to find some balance. Takes time but make sure you rest well, mental health is very important. Brains need to rest too.


I really don’t know the difference. It’s all some bizarre perverted porn thing, right?



Can’t say I read Stephen King stuff myself, but physical books are nice sometimes, especially if you can get some time away from all your technology, leave the phone and PC behind, take a half day or so to read a book about something you like. You might enjoy it, I do at least.


I am surprised I did not get over stressed like I used to when I was younger. Used to shake in night when had too much stress. Now I am fine.
@WSS anime tends to come in various types. One such type is the annoying slice of life catigory. It’s very popular these days but I don’t like it much.


I guess we learn how to deal with stress. We learn, we grow. I have been much happier lately. Simply forced myself to understand that we all have bad days. Huh. 3 year depression isnt good. Takes time to relearn things.


Off topic but is their a way to turn off autoscrolling on my end?


@Jarland any idea?


Now back on topic, unfortunately I will find it somewhat harder to work out after university because I depend on volunteers to help me get through the gym. Here are my options as I see it.

  • become a millionaire and make my own private gym so nobody moves things around on me (beyond my control and no laravel will not get me their Mike).
  • Get adjustable dumbbells (and other such equipment) and base exercises at home off of that.
  • Convince some friend/family member to come with me for the rest of their lives.
  • Borrow @WSS's car as an adjustible weight.