Hobbies Outside of Technology

@WSS - I still haven’t figured out how to use quotes =(

I have a Rotrex C38 supercharger on mine - it’s about 270 horsepower to the wheels at 8psi. It definitely transforms the entire car, though I respect their decision to stay NA and keep the price down. It’s a beautiful platform, and I intend to get another one once this one blows up.

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Highlight the user’s text and hit the quote button that pops up.



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Or if you hit “reply” to someone’s post, press the little quote button (icon all the way to the top left of the text area) and it’ll embed their quote in your reply.

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Missed that one, cheers. “Quote whole post” button on the very left of the WYSIWYG menu.

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If you’re windowing blocks at 8PSI, come join us Swedes… :wink:

took me a cool minute to realize what you meant by “windowing blocks”

yeah currently it’s not a huge issue, but if I go for a high boost pulley (11.5), e85, and headers i’m gonna be pushing 400whp which is something stock fa20 does not like

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You Only Boost Once


surprisingly, the only things really needed to support ~400whp is fuel pump, injectors, and clutch. the block itself could maybe handle it. I already have a stage 2 exedy - but it’s only rated for 228 torque @ wheels and the setup I just mentioned has roughly 270, so the clutch would probably be the first thing to go. oh well, once you start boost it becomes an addiction… just like low end servers =|

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LES are much cheaper, although just as addictive.

Oddly, much like with cars, you get used to rebuilding them after every pull…

however, i’ve learned that something about “supercharge your website” just sells better than “centrifugally boost your website with 10psi” =\

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Hey there,

I like to play fantasy games like Witcher 3, read fantasy novels like Stormlight archive, listen to synthwave/edm/folk.

Occasionally I also play badminton but I’m not very good at it after long breaks.


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How to keep it all charged though? I have one but always forget to charge it.

Finally I found a hobby (hope so)

Will be teaching as a guest lecturer in the Business School from where I did my Masters.

My first lecture will be on this Saturday :smiley:


Nice! Good luck, @BlaZe!

Hockey, any kind, any level. And from watching the Olypics livestreams I’m finding curling to be oddly entertaining to watch. Maybe it’s all the throwing things and screaming at each other to tell people what to do, reminds me of my childhood :wink:

I just ditched my Apple Watch for a mechanical. I found I only used the watch to tell tell Time and the date and everything I deferred to my phone for a much better/bigger screen. Now every time my phone rings I look at my damn mechanical watch. Can’t win.

And I hated charging it every night.

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That is very cool. What will be lecturing on?

Seems like the right choice then. Honestly the two big things that get me to buy a watch are continuous heart rate monitor and sleep tracking. Two things I tend to abuse myself in relation to, and tracking them helps me to hold myself accountable for it.

Paying for something with NFC or answering a call are just bonuses.

There’s nothing wrong with being short.

Used to be a prop, though that’s history now.

Free time is a bit of a rare commodity as of late, does work count as a hobby?

Lately, I’ve been getting back into gaming. I also do a bit of coding as a side project

True. I’ve never met a hooker over 5’6.

Yeah, playing games with older players starts to get weird…too many unnatural cracking noises when getting up from a tackle or scrum.