Hetzner Stickers Have Arrived!


Thank you so much @Hetzner_OL, you are awesome Katie!

And well. Our monitors are now advertising Hetzner.
Damn. I feel good!

Porkbun Stickers Have Arrived!

Ah man, I’m jealous as hell! Looking great though :sunglasses:


By the way, the mess in the 4th pic is José’s desk. I guess Designers aren’t much organized. :smiley:


The stickers rock! We’ll print some from our company soon as well…


You spanish? : D


He’s Portuguese I believe :stuck_out_tongue:


Dang it, thought he was spanish from “negocio” but “publicidade” ain’t spanish.


Portuguese ;p



Damn I forgot how to multi-quote.


Me too :smiley:


May as well keep all the @Hetzner_OL sticker posts in this thread. Thanks for the stickers Katie!

One on my Lenovo T520 and the other I will post when I find a place to stick it.


Glad you guys are so happy with the stickers! And thanks for the pictures showing them off. You guys rock! :smile:


If you guys get some more stickers and are looking for some nice homes to send them to, please let me know! :slight_smile:


Likewise :sweat_smile:


@mason @wolveix - PM me and I’ll send you some. We’ve got a few more in stock. --Katie


Eh, need Hetzner stickers, there is still space left on the Notebook.


That lenovo is quite cramped :crazy_face:


Thank you so much Katie! Now I just need to find somewhere for these.


I’m digging the handwritten letters Katie’s been sending. I’m surprised to see someone who’s working in a tech-related company still knowing how to use their hands to write. :smile:


Not at all. You can still see the cover :stuck_out_tongue: