Hetzner Stickers Have Arrived!


I’ll may ask to have some shipped too :wink:


Moral of the story: Make some stickers so that you can collect everyone’s real identity online.


My information is fairly public anyway, you can see my full name on my profile haha.


How about the receiving address? Some people use their home address which worth a lot more than full name


True, but you can find that when you look me up as a company director anyway.


If anyone here shows up at my door, you better expect to knock back a couple of beers with me :slight_smile:


And have brought the beers with you :slight_smile:


That’d be an added bonus. My fridge is usually stocked regardless :stuck_out_tongue:


Found a nice surprise in the mailbox when I got home from work today! :slight_smile:

You’re the best, Katie / @Hetzner_OL!! Thanks again for sending the stickers :slight_smile:


Am I late :frowning:


How very personal. I love it.


You guys may have Hetzner Online stickers, but I just got a Hetzner Finland one :stuck_out_tongue:



Nice! And it’s in English! :slight_smile:


@Hetzner_OL Do you have the stickers avail in munich?

So if someone comes to your office, can they pickup a few?


Hi @Neoon, we don’t have an office in Munich. Unfortunately we can’t invite everyone to Nürnberg, Gunzenhausen or Falkenstein. If you dm me your address though, I can sent you some stickers :slight_smile:

–Julia, Marketing


Hi @Neoon - I think you meant our Hetzner Cloud offices, right…? To be quite honest, I am not entirely sure if they got some of the latest sticker shipment or if they are using stickers of their own. I will check with one of my colleagues there.

@SagnikS If you send me a PM, we can send you a few. :wink: --Katie, Marketing


@SonOfAMotherlessGoat Thanks for the Finland song. I’m was such a big Monty Python and the Holy Grail fan as a teen that I named my first car “Patsy”. I didn’t know they had a Finland song. I’ll have to ask the Helsinki colleagues if they know it the next time they’re in town. :grinning: --Katie


Anxious to get mine too.
Must be bc of some extra msecs heh.


Well, I was passing by Munich down to Slovenia, maybe next time I can ask for stickers.
But of course, mailing it, is faster.