HetrixTools - Doubling The FREE Package! (again)


Well if that’s the case, count me in!

By the way, nice catch on the hetrix.tools domain name!


Oh god, I know, right? :smiley:

I honestly didn’t know about the .tools TLD until like a year+ ago, when I was in an IRC chatroom where we were discussing domain names and such, and ofc I grabbed the domain as soon as I could.

All keys activated so far, 28/40.


Thanks for doing this again :slight_smile:

My key: 33f99fb54553919f936b2ceb8a6c195c





Thanks. This is Great!



All keys upgraded so far, 31/40 :+1:


New to the service since yesterday. Really nice. I even took down one of my servers just to test the service. It worked. :slightly_smiling_face:


Really satisfied with Hetrix so far, here’s my key:





In case there are any left. :+1:


All keys upgraded so far, 33/40 :ghost:


664578ad303e08bdb5085fb7a622e8bd did i make it?!




Got mine! Cheers @Andrei
Now to just install on some VMs :grin:
Do you have info for an Arch install on the site? Last I checked the docs were Ubuntu/Debian centered. Just being lazy, of course, I will head to the site tonight when I get a chance.


@blurry that’s not a valid Public Key, please get yours from: https://hetrix.tools/public-key

@thagoat haven’t tested it on Arch, so not sure if the agent works on it.

All upgraded so far, 34/40.



Sorry. Thanks.





I’ll give it a whirl and report back


Guess I’ll see what I can get :smile:



Curious if anyone has failed to login at 30 days? My services generally don’t have problems for me to login but would using the api/agent count for the counter?


Using the api/agent doesn’t count towards account activity.

All keys upgraded so far, 37/40.