HetrixTools - Doubling The FREE Package! (again)



Thank you!


Never took you for a Vanilla guy, @Andrei :stuck_out_tongue:



Hah, yeah, it’s not exactly the one I would go with today, if I were to choose now, but it does a very good job SEO-wise.

All keys upgraded so far, 38/40.




Fantastic service by the way :smiley:



Key activated, 39/40… so the last key goes to…


I was just looking at the plans yesterday.

Here’s my public key.


Everything works perfectly on an Arch server! Well done!
Adding to all my servers, which all run Arch.


Key activated :+1:

That’s great. I’m glad it worked out.

All keys have now been depleted.
Promo ended.

Thanks for everyone who participated!


!!! Give us double= 20 free uptimes if you going to upgrade everyone to 10 monitors :smiley:


Maybe in future promos/giveaways :slight_smile: