HetrixTools - Doubling The FREE Package! (again)

Hello HostBalls!

I know you need something to monitor all of your idle servers, so it’s time for another giveaway.

This promo is simple, it doubles your Free Uptime Monitoring package, for free:

  • 5 10 Uptime Monitors (monitor the uptime status of your website,server,services,etc)
  • 5 10 Server Monitors (monitor your server resources and configure alerts for high usage)
  • 1 minute check frequency
  • Select 3 out of 12 monitoring locations
  • Domain expiration monitor, SSL expiration monitor, nameservers change detection, etc.
  • Private/Public Uptime Reports
  • White Label Reports
  • Public Status Page (example)
  • Notifications via Email, SMS, PushBullet, Pushover, Twitter, Slack, Discord, HipChat, PagerDuty, Telegram and Webhooks.
  • See all features on our Uptime Monitoring Pricing Page:

How to obtain this offer:

  1. Register for a free HetrixTools account (if you don’t already have one)
  2. Reply in this thread with your account’s Public Key, found here https://hetrix.tools/public-key
  3. Your account will be upgraded within 24 hours

Promo Notes:

  • Anyone can participate, even if you’re already on the “Double Free” package or on any of our paid packages; in such cases 5 extra Uptime/Server Monitors will be added to your account.
  • Promotion is valid only for the first 20 40 keys.

Please allow up to 24 hours for your account to be upgraded, after posting your key.
There is no need to open a support ticket about this promo upgrade.

Thanks for taking the time to read this thread.



Thank you! :slight_smile: I’m quite happy with your services.



Really glad to hear that :blush:

All done so far, 2/20.


Free stuff, why not? :slight_smile: Thanks Andrei!


Here’s my key!


Thanks! :slight_smile:



All done so far, 6/20 :+1:


The service has been great so far, love the ability to get notifications based on server usage so I can be alerted before anything is at 100% capacity.

Awesome, thanks! :heart_eyes:


Hope I’m in time! Cheers mate :grin:

Cheers and Thank you.


I’m glad you’re finding it useful.

All done so far, 10/20.

Thank you Andrei. Great service. It’s been just getting better and better with new features being added continuously.


Thank you for doing this :slight_smile: here is my key: 7119c9744402202c82781614b9f1e3f0

@beagle you’re welcome, key activated :+1:

@mut that’s not a valid public key, please get yours from: https://hetrix.tools/public-key

Thanks for the offer Andrei. Here’s my key: c31f6e96ce0a50613915e8144496c3c9

If there is any room to increase the numbers on mine: a333c6fb87f1833de5c1dea387409ddb

Oops… gave an api key instead. Will revoke it ASAP. Here is my public key. Thank you :slight_smile: a3c4ae2799e031f70a8554b75278c655