HetrixTools - Doubling The FREE Package! (again)


All done so far, 14/20.


Already have a paid plan, but why not: c4bbcb82eefa31e27787825d97851be6

And I have a free plan for work, in case this can be upgraded as well: 76374f5638f2f79857ee9b2bae9d1377

Thanks for the awesome service!!



Thanks for the offer.


Too late? 769b80cbab3673843167fcc4a9efca72


332964e4d7123ce071d890b2daa9f312 :sweat_smile:


Thanks again! My key is 01e35dfa5d6b380b0fd28e967b82018d



thank you!





Extending the promo to 40 keys.

All done so far, 22/40.


Sure, why not :slight_smile: Thx @Andrei



Generosity is well appreciated!




thank you! :grinning:


All upgraded so far, 25/40 :+1:


I hate being a freeloader-hoarder (knowing that this promo is really intended for the new folks here) but since you increased the available upgrades to 40 :smiley: , I’ll ask anyway: what would happen to accounts with a previous “Double Free” package + additional increase from your 3rd Year Anniversary giveaway? Or is it rock bottom disgusting already?



: )


@redbamboohouse you can participate, no worries :+1:


My key is: 71105f34356d0df8fc305614ea8f4c6a thanks again.


@Razza not a valid Public Key, please get yours from: https://hetrix.tools/public-key


My key is cdcfe5977e8d01f51e4e995befab84a7 I copied the public key I used for the last time you did this promo didn’t know it changed.


Yeah, they do change from time to time.

All done so far, 27/40.