Black Friday 2018


@Wolveix Thanks for adding the info about our sale for today! That was really nice of you! :grin::smiley:


You’re welcome! Thanks for the heads up that there would be one :grin:


@Andrei, any more spicy deals?


He didn’t miss it, the offer wasn’t live yet. As mentioned in my promo notes the coupons would become available at noon UTC time, which is now :slight_smile:

Coupons are now usable, enjoy.


That’ll teach us to read the fine print! :stuck_out_tongue:

@mr.who - get it while the getting is good :wink:


Haha :stuck_out_tongue:
No, but I’m more of a traditional kind of guy and I wanted the Black Friday promo to go live on the actual Black Friday day… cause you now have BF deals going live even 1 week before, we even have ‘summer’ Black Friday over here (for some reason), and I’m just sick of all of it. It just diminishes the true value of the real Black Friday.


Grabbed both uptime and blacklist monitors. :slight_smile:


Pretty much summarized the rant I went on to the wife yesterday. This year it felt so cheap, like everyone wanted to take advantage of stupid shoppers until Black Friday became a thing to despise rather than appreciate. So many items on sale, for their regular price, for Black Friday a week in advance this year.


Well here like every years since we adopted Black Friday as a national thing, companies were caught pricing up the items the week before Black Friday to sell at “discount” during the Black Friday promos.

Some companies were so sloppy that left the previous price tags on the items…

Last year a huge get cloth brand was caught selling at higher prices during their Black Friday promos than their regular prices a week before.


I keep buying stuff online (apps I wanna try and stuff like that), someone please stop me. :tired_face:


Send me everything you got in your CC. I’ll give it back after CyberMonday. Pinky promise :upside_down_face:


…maybe I could give you the CC and then claim it always you all along :thinking:
…chargebacks ftw?


Thanks to all the providers who submitted or posted offers this Black Friday / Cyber Monday! @armandorg @BigBox @cubedata @Dedispec @Cam @Andrei @Hetzner_OL @HIVELOCITY @Ho-ost @HostDoc @hostEONS @mikho @jarland @gestiondbi @QuadraNet_Adam @Radi @Ishaq @Ryan (sorry if I missed anyone)

I think overall it went very smooth and was successful. Hopefully everyone that was looking for some great deals found what they were looking for.

@everyone let us know if there’s anything we can improve for next year to help out with the next BF/CM or future sales! :slight_smile:


Thanks very much all for having me and not abusing my offers =]


I’ve been doing my happy dance all day because of the great response we got last week. We broke our all-time sales record for dedicated root servers. Thanks again for all the love! --Katie, Marketing
P.S. My happy dance is like Charleton from Fresh Prince. What does your happy dance look like?


Congratulations! I’m hoping that I get my server before Monday as I was hoping to cancel my current one before the end of its renewal period, but it ends on Tuesday :worried:

Isn’t that just the standard happy dance? :stuck_out_tongue:



I can’t promise anything, but perhaps you can ask about this via a support ticket. Perhaps they’ll be a bit lenient here. --Katie


I don’t know. I used to have different happy dances for different situations. For example, this isn’t that far off from my own I-just-stole-a-base happy dance. But then again, I haven’t stolen a base since high school. :wink: --Katie