ApisCP 3.2 lifetime sale

ApisCP 3.2 was released on August 13, a significant milestone in ApisCP development. Lifetime licenses have been added for Startup ($159, 30 domains) and Mini ($99, 10 domains) classes which are perfect complements for smaller cloud servers. Pro ($499) has no domain restrictions. A special promotion is available until October 1:

Use coupon code JOY32 at checkout for 50% off any lifetime license.

Lifetime licenses work with all future versions of ApisCP.

Since the initial release announcement, 3.2 has continued to evolve, separating Web Apps into their own modules and adding Docker support.

Multi-server support is getting a makeover next. Keep your eyes peeled on apisnetworks/cp-proxy. As requested, MSS will allow jumping between servers as admin and transparent SSO into domains on other servers.

Stay tuned! :heart:


Any plans to support nginx or openlitespeed in the future?

It makes little difference when Apache is properly configured.

I’ve benchmarked this exhaustively. If you want Apache to perform like NGINX and LS, then it needs to be configured to behave like those, which means removing runtime .htaccess parsing on each request. NGINX/LS might win in synthetic benchmarks, but Apache can do more with threat-deterrence, monopolization control, malware scans, and PageSpeed optimization that is no longer officially supported in LS.

Shifting focus to page rendering optimizations, it’s easy to pick up a 150x improvement on rendering by letting PageSpeed rewrite the computed HTML by optimizing out milliseconds instead of microseconds.

cPanel did a disservice to Apache, and still continues to do one to this day by using prefork as its MPM. Prefork is what generally gets associated with Apache’s poor performance, that and FilesMatch or top-loaded .htaccess files.

EasyApache 4 installs the prefork MPM by default. You can only install one MPM on your system at a time.

Edit: to note too, there’s some trickery with Apache that allows efficient addon domain/subdomain usage by computing its docroots at request instead of creating additional VirtualHost containers. From my survey, each VirtualHost container is ~256 KB memory per server. It’s possible to host 100 domains in 1 VH container as those paths get computed dynamically while charging 256 KB instead of 25 MB. I’m not aware of any analog in NGINX/LS for this.


Tried OLS/Nginx and performs better than Apache almost with no configuration or a basic one. LSCache makes it better. Moved from Nginx/php-fpm yesterday to OLS and load times decreased considerably.

ApisCP comes with Apache properly configured by default? I need a control panel to not touch configuration files.

I’m speaking from a beginner side :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d have to see what your configuration looked like to see what room for optimization there was if any. @404error did quite a bit of benchmarks on his own, and with his permission this is his spreadsheet and appraisal. One thing I always recommend, for WP, is kill WordFence. It happens too late in processing to be of much value and the overhead plus schema leave much to be desired. ApisCP provides equivalent tooling elsewhere in the stack.

You can always benchmark a baseline and go from there.

UDF_Optimizations_Results.zip (11.6 KB)


Alright let’s do this. Let’s see if for once I can actually take the time and manage to get WHMCS installed and working in this. I gave up last time due to time constraints, and now I have it running on plesk where I mysteriously have to restart Apache every few hours for it to take less than 10 minutes to send a customer an email through the software (which mysteriously works flawlessly after restarting Apache).

So I guess, which one ended up taking more of my time? Plesk.

Hurdle #1 figured out: You can’t issue an activation key via Safari. Or at least I can’t (v13.1.2). Works in Firefox.

If only there was support for a .deb based os. I feel terribly out of my comfort zone whenever I work with CentOS, especially their strange defaults (at least being used to Debian.
But I guess I will buy a license anyway, even though I don’t need it, as this seems like an awesome project.

Keep up the good work!

Pro license? It was gated under the wrong activation code from Stripe. Got an email from another user about it :slight_smile:

It’s been fixed within the last 20 minutes as those were originally coded as “lifetime”. You should be able to delete the code or revoke an in-use code without issue going forward :+1:


Seems something else. When using Safari I notice that all paid license types are listed and submission (Create Request) seems to perform no action:

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 2.59.40 PM

Where as under Firefox it only lists the licenses I have, and submission works:

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 2.59.56 PM

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Having to muck in CLI is a deficiency of the platform. If you’re familiar with LSB, which you would be, every other parcel is either abstracted to drop-ins or automated with Bootstrapper that doubles for platform integrity scrubs.

Is there anything in particular you’d have to do that you would feel more at home with a Debian distribution? Chances are it’s configurable through Scopes or a candidate for inclusion

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Thanks for the bug report. Give it a go now in Safari :+1:

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She works!

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Perfect. Added a thank you bonus for the bug report!

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Just wanna say that I love ya all, and as such, I’m telling ya, ApisCP is awesome.

@Jarland I’m happy that you’re taking ApisCP for a spin, and I’m guessing you know why :wink:


Well that was quite generous :heart_decoration:

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Bump. Sale ends in a little more than 48 hours!

Thank you all who have made the switch :slight_smile:

Someone transferred me a key file for apnscp sometime ago but I never used it, today I have the opportunity. Is that a limited license?

It was me, the key I give you was when ApisCp was doing free keys.

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I was looking through my messages but I couldn’t find it. Thanks a lot @Razza!

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