ApisCP 3.2 released

Howdy all,

ApisCP 3.2 has been released! 3.2 is a rewrite of the Web App facility that adds a wealth of new features including:

  • 1-click support for Nextcloud with enhanced security through Fortification
  • general webapp module for agnostic Web App interfacing
  • Web App manifests for extending base features
  • an AST parser for powerful WordPress integration
  • 1-click cloning/renaming support for WordPress
  • third-party Web App support
  • Argos integration into Dashboard
  • notification tray
  • DNS providers for Katapult and Hetzner services.

Release announcement. To note, this AST parser is superb. You can combine hooks with WordPress to mass-update any define() in wp-config.php across all WordPress installs with minimal fuss.

        \a23r::registerCallback('wordpress', 'valid', function ($ret, $args) {
        if (!$ret) {

        $approot = $args[0];

        if ($approot[0] !== '/') {
            // passed as $hostname, $path
            $approot = $this->getAppRoot($args[0], $args[1] ?? '');

        $pairs = [
            'FS_METHOD'           => false,
            'FTP_USER'            => $this->username . '@' . $this->domain,
            'FTP_HOST'            => 'localhost'

        return $this->updateConfiguration($approot, $pairs);

And the ol’ Web App layout is a bit more sensible!

Stay tuned for a release sale coming up next week :heart:



Loving ApisCP!
I rarely stand behind software, but I urge you to give it a try. You gona love it.
And support is second to none, the guy does not sleep!

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Congrats on the release!
Now, if only you supported some decent distro instead :wink:


Sexy Stuff sir!!

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I really need to do more with ApisCP. It’s not your stand in replacement for Plesk/cPanel and that’s where I’ve gone wrong trying to use it as such in previous projects. What it is, seems far more of a work of art that I’d be better for having mastered.


ArchLinux would be fun, but I can’t see how I’d have any hair left over if I gave it the same thorough Ansible treatment :slight_smile:

Wow, thank you for the praise. It means a lot :slight_smile: If you ever have any questions I’m always a keystroke away.

For reference material, notes.apiscp.com is a project spearheaded by another user for one-off commands. docs.apiscp.com is where I periodically dump my brain.

Haha, god no! Was more thinking along the lines of debian thx :wink:
But it seems like a really nice product and I will play with it a bit now while I prepare for a server migration.
The only issue is that I deal with around 2k RH servers at work and I still really dislike it! :open_mouth:

So, it’s Saturday.
I had an issue, reported the issue and got it solved in minutes. Can’t really ask for better. Reminded myself it’s Saturday and then thought about contributing to this thread out of love for you my fellow hostballerstalkers.

Sharing is a sign of love, so here goes.

How I came about to ApisCP?
I was testing various combinations of panels/hosting to figure out what would better suit the demanding needs of a plugin rich, WooCommerce website. And @Wolveix was kind enough to help me, and he was the first one that told me to bet on ApisCP.

What followed?
Within a a few weeks I made several tests, and compared over 800 audits. That’s right, eight…zero…zero.

What I tested.
I had several combinations but most of my time was spent comparing;

  • Cyberpanel (or DirectAdmin) + LiteSpeed Enterprise + No Caching Plugin/With Caching Plugin (4, including LiteSpeed very own plugin) + Other perks of LiteSpeed + With/without CDN

  • ApisCP + No Cache Plugin/With Caching Plugin + With/Without CDN

I’m not gonna lie, my bet was on [whatever panel] + LiteSpeed Enterprise + [Whatever Cache Plugin] + CDN

800 plus Audits in, and I decided to go for ApisCP - NO Cache Plugin* - NO CDN.
*ApisCP has a Web Optimization Section.

Reasons why I chose ApisCp
Performance - it just performed better even without using any Cache Plugin.
Simple of Use - Past the initial shock to my change-resistant immunity system, you get used to the fact that this is not a rehashed version of cPanel.
Security - This might be controversial, but I’m not using any security plugin on top of my WordPress sites. I use ApisCP security instead. I have on MAX most of the time, and downgrade it to MIN to run updates on the sites. Although ApisCP can run updates automatically if that’s what you want it to do.
This alone contributes to the performance of all sites. By the way, for the audit’s purpose, I ran audits for the websites under ApisCP with and without WordFence.
Support - I quickly realized Matt knows what he is doing, I mean REALLY KNOWS. Not just proficient. Not sure how to explain it better.

I beleive thatif people give ApisCP a real try, that they’ll love it. I understand that for web hosting companies it’s hard to make a change from cPanel or DirectAdmin to ApisCP that feels like a bespoke software, which maybe some of you can leverage due to that, while others won’t. And that’s resistance (your users) to change is the only justification, in my mind, not to favor ApisCP vs cPanel or DirectAdmin.

I’m not saying that is perfect and that there’s nothing I think should change. But as it is, it’s already great.


docs.apiscp.com is participating in Hacktoberfest now. We’ve got a few more projects eligible for Hacktoberfest, but docs are the easiest way to earn eligibility.

Want a cool new shirt and the opportunity to improve documentation quality? Submit a PR. Happy hacking! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: