[WOKTRON MONSTER SALE] Fujitsu Primergy RX1330 E3-1270v6 - €32.99 /mo or €23.99 /mo (yearly plan)

Woktron brings fully configurable dedicated servers by market leaders Dell, Fujitsu, HP and Lenovo at very competitive prices. Together with our sustainable TIER-3 datacenter in the Rotterdam – The Hague region of the Netherlands, we are able to provide a rock-solid uptime of 99.99% with lightning-fast connectivity using a blend of TIER-1 and 2 carriers and with lots of private peering partners.



Fujitsu Primergy RX1330
Intel Xeon E3-1270v6
8GB ECC DDR4 RAM (up to 64GB)
120GB SSD or 500 GB HDD (up to 4 drives + 3x PCIe SSD)
50TB Traffic
iRMC and remote reboots
€47.99 €32.99 EURO monthly or only €23.99 when on a yearly plan

Fujitsu Primergy RX2510 M2
2x Intel Xeon E5-2620v4 2.40GHz
32GB ECC DDR4 RAM (up to 384GB)
120GB SSD or 500 GB HDD (up to 18 drives + 4x PCIe SSD)
50TB Traffic
iRMC and remote reboots
€146.99 €99.99 EURO monthly or only €93.99 when on a yearly plan


More Information / our full range of servers


  • Servers are fully upgradeable
  • 10Gbit/s DDoS protection included free
  • optional PCIe NVMe storage
  • optional HW RAID
  • optional hardware firewall (Cisco, Fortinet)
  • 1 Gbps uplink available
  • Optional software licenses
  • iRMC console and full remote control of your server, allowing reboots and re-installations
  • Support for external IP ranges / ASN
  • 100GB FTP backup storage
  • …and more!

Datacenter more information:

  • Datacenter located in the Netherlands, Rotterdam-The Hague region
  • Complete redundancy
  • Carrier neutral network: AMS-ix, CenturyLink, Telia, NLix, Sparkle, Retn.net, Core Backbone, Deutsche Telekom, Cogent, DE-cix, Asteroid, Mix, SPEED
  • Multple private peering partners: OVH, Hetzner, Vodafone, Leaseweb, online.net, Serverius, Google, Orange and more
  • Sustainable and environmentally responsible datacenter
  • 99.99% Network Uptime


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Please open up a sales ticket by following this link or feel free to have a chat with us on our website anytime!
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I don’t think that messaging will be received very well by most… lol.

nah, it’s Halloween and it’s a monster sale after all! Gotta stick with the mood we’ve set. Besides, tomorrow we’re back to being our normal selves again.

Don’t be scared :grin:

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H̶a̶l̶l̶o̶ ̶N̶i̶e̶l̶s̶,̶ ̶w̶e̶l̶k̶o̶m̶ ̶o̶p̶ ̶H̶o̶s̶t̶b̶a̶l̶l̶s̶

Hello Niels, welcome to Hostballs :wink:

Hey Holyballs!

LOL, yeah, wasn’t sure Dutch was allowed. But I am definitely a Netherlander :crazy_face:

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Nice offers you got there !

Fujitsu makes great servers, so that’s a steal :wink:

Which DC do you use ? Peerings ?


We’ve got a few more offers up our sleeve for the next few days.

Re. network, it is what it is unfortunately. Quality usually does not equate to cheap :slight_smile:

Greenhouse datacenters in Naaldwijk

More info here: Our redundant datacenter facilities | Woktron Web Hosting

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That’s one of best connected I know of… in the heart of the Westland.

Assuming the 100 mbit/s is duplex and not collective, one could theoretically push 66TB/mo on a 100 mbit/s connection.


@anon40039896: We are extremely pleased to be working with them. Their performance has been (and still is) stellar. They are also located within an arm’s reach of all major cities. We have zero complaints really, which is a rarity.

@Mason: that is correct, the uplink is full-duplex :slight_smile:


WSI had something like this. 10TB was included, 20TB was +$10/mo, and 100m/Unmetered was $+5/mo.

Those prices are peanuts.

If the younger generation only knew how much we paid 20 yrs ago…

Nobody would even blink with today’s prices.

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True! I remember paying $500+ per month for a server in Hong Kong on a 1mbps line in ~2008 or something


We try to be very reasonable with our pricing. The race to the bottom instigated by certain large providers does the industry no good unfortunately. Some people have grown to expect “unlimited everything”, resulting in massively oversold services.

At the end of the day, we do not claim to be a low-end budget provider. It is also pointless to compete with OVH and the like, nor do we want to. If you want the cheapest server with unlimited bandwidth, OVH (Kimsufi and SoYouStart) should be your first port of call. Don’t expect much help though when you have a problem.

Instead we try to focus on providing brand-name hardware with solid uptime, fast networking and with low latency. By providing the ability for our clients to configure and upgrade their servers and having a responsive and helpful support team on hand. The 100 Mbps port can be fully saturated, there is no throttling or any funny business and you should easily be able to max out the monthly allotment of 50TB.

Nonetheless, our offer does allow clients to have a brandname server at prices not too dissimilar from the providers mentioned above (In fact the dual 2620 promotion is still cheaper than the single CPU OVH equivalent). And for those that want to have some extra ooomph, the possibility is there :smiley:


Ohh I know… I know. That isn’t why I am laughing though. It is that the bandwidth and uplink speeds never have a correlation.

Yeah! I grabbed that 100mbps real fast.

So, its just this worldstream offer at a 10% pay increase?


We are working with WSI on this, but we are in fact a bit cheaper. The price they are quoting is for a 6 month term.

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