WiseCP (Intelligent Web Solutions Automation)

Hello friends,

We have created an official discussion topic for questions/comments and suggestions about WiseCP (Intelligent Web Solutions Automation).

You can give us your questions, comments and suggestions via this topic. In this way, we can make WiseCP Automation software best and improved for you.

Let’s first give you information about WiseCP.

What is WiseCP?

WiseCP; It is an advanced Web-based “Automation” system that includes a modern web site interface and the Customer Control Panel and the Admin Control Panel. It has been developed to enable all individual and corporate organizations operating in the field of information technology to easily provide product and service sales / management, invoicing and enforcement operations, customer management, support services and all other transactions.

The WiseCP Also a Website?

WiseCP is not a website. But there is a built-in website interface integrated into the system. Thus, you do not need to search for a web site theme or draft. Thanks to the creative, professional and user-friendly web interface, your visitors can easily roam without getting lost on your website and a positive impression is generated in the eyes of your visitors.

With the OnlyPanel feature, you can deactivate the website interface and use your WiseCP as PANEL only. This way, you can redirect to your automation by defining your existing website or a different theme, customer panel login link, and product purchase links.

What are the Uses?

  • Web Hosting (Hosting, Domain, Server, SSL, Product Licenses, etc.)
  • Software Services (Script Sales and Leasing, Web Software, Desktop Software, etc.)
  • Bulk SMS Services (International SMS Sending Services)
  • Social Media Services (Tracker Packages, Social Media Packages, etc.)
  • Advertising / Promotion Services (Advertising and Promotion Service Packages, Corporate Identity, Logo etc.)
  • SEO Services (Seo Packages, Backlink Packages, Promotional Writing Packs, etc.)
  • Digital All Services (All other products and services.)

Is it Constantly Being Developed?

The module is a continuously develope system for feature and API integrations. In each new version, the new module, API integrations and features are include in the system. Giving WiseCP users the best experience is our important priorities. You can follow the versions via the link below.

What is the difference from similar automation systems?

There are important factors that distinguish WiseCP from other automation systems. These are listed below.

  • An integrated web site, customer panel, integrated with the system.
  • Unique UI and UX experiences. (User Friendly Intelligent System)
  • 150+ ready-to-use, one-click active currencies.
  • Exchange rates automatically over API.
  • Advanced and unique multi-language creation and management feature.
  • Automatic language and currency display according to the visitors region.
  • Product / service listing feature with ease in desired category and area.
  • Easy, simple, functional management and control interface.
  • Spam, Bot and ultra security system that prevents malicious attempts.
  • Superior SEO compatibility.
  • Advanced and popular integrations.
    and more…

Who is the Developer and Producer?

Project production and development work is provided by Sitemio LTD and the development is still underway.

Official Website;




I’m gonna be honest here, I can’t take your product seriosuly because even the name of looks like a rip off. To me that shows that you have zero confidence in making something trully yours.


How did you decide that in such a short time?

Your prejudgment looks like a mountain from here. I hope you get over it one day.

Thank you for your comment.

Welcome to the community! I think the name is definitely a concern for a lot of people which is a shame. I have yet to test the product, but it sounds good!


I love the welcome spirit!

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Short time?
I followed the threads in let, checked your website and your product.
I don’t wanna get personal and I welcome you into HB.
So I’ll stop here.

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That’s very kind of you. :slight_smile:

But I don’t think he tested our product. Can you give me the domain information for the trial license?

Or I’m going to think you’re a jealous person talking without testing the product.

Do you have any documentation on your API or a developers guide to create modules? Would be interested in taking a look at that if it’s available. Or if that’s currently in the works, no worries.

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We are preparing descriptive articles for developers. It will be published in the Knowledge Base soon. Currently, you can make developments by referencing the existing modules.


Dear @ 404error
The Demo is just a visible part of the iceberg you see. Demos only provide the idea for a preliminary impression. The important thing is to try the system.

I hope one day you’ll try the software completely and you’ll see that your thoughts will change.


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I sense some passive aggressive hostility from two parties, can we check it at the door? Feedback given, response made, can be ended there :slight_smile:

Thanks for joining and I look forward to following your development :slight_smile:


Dear @sitemio

Assuming you’re right, then your demo and sales page need to be shaken, as they really fail at getting across the idea that your product isn’t a clone of a direct competitor.
With all due respect, let me suggests for you to reach out to @Wolveix and, or @Miguel to help you out with that.

I wish you the best of luck.


Moving along:

Let’s say tomorrow I need to ditch WHMCS and your software looks attractive. Would you have a reasonable migration path for me?

This is one thing I did see in their docs. Looks like they added a built-in migration tool.

More details:




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Project itself is interesting but I share a similar opinion. Its getting too identical to WHMCS. They clearly target the current WHMCS clientele, seem to be advertising that everywhere in their website. Pricing is pretty bad considering that the product is too recent and cannot yet compete with WHMCS which is the top 1 right now, followed by HostBill, Ubersmith, Blesta.

I hate the fact that the demo looks like WHMCS. Really horrific.

My preliminary advice would be:

  • API docs. Get those ready asap. Do as many integrations as you can (special attention to Invoicing systems like Xero, domain registrars, etc);
  • Change your brand name to something else. Its not identical to WHMCS but isnt far from it either, be original;
  • Design the client UI from scratch, right know you are too close to WHMCS. That may get you troubles later. People dont like copies, people like innovation;
  • Try to do some partnerships with webhosting companies willing to resell your product for a lower price, internal licensing etc;
  • Hear your potential clients. I see you discussing all the time, arguing a lot, but you really are not listening to your potential clients. Unless you want to be the only one using it and a few other small shops, such attitude won’t get you far;
  • Have a company such as Rack911 review your code so you can actually ensure that your code is safe, and promote that.

Until I see something changing I dont think it can go far. It has potential, yes, but dont focus on an existing product. Do it better instead. That alone will generate a bunch of sales. Every system like this has its pros and cons, you need to check all those and try to aglomerate the pros and erradicate the cons.
Do read as many reviews about competing products, as much as possible. Its not easy to please everyone, and this market is a bit saturated already. It takes time, a lot of effort to conquer the market.


I think every single piece of nice criticism ( dickish attitude aside ) will help them grow if they read potential users feedback :slight_smile:

We examine the feedback very carefully. We are working on this issue. We’ll make an announcement soon.

Thank you for your thoughts and opinions.


I am happy that there is a new challenger for the big established Panels, however when testing your demo I’m not quite sure what it was but it was a bit of a strain on my eyes. Everything was so bright, full of images and overall not very comfortable to look at. Maybe that’s just me though but I find it to be a bit crowded and too bright.
Nice that there is a whmcs import function though :wink: Should make @Jarland and other people looking to move from WHMCS happy :stuck_out_tongue: I’m gonna stick with my owned Blesta license for 150€ but for my small use case (webhosting, private stuff) that’s more than enough.


Hello again everyone,

We took into account the feedback from you, and we changed the name of the brand. Now referred to as WiseCP .

Click on the link below to review official web site.

As we said in the beginning about security, we rely on our product. Not of any security weaknesses. Anyone can examine the codes or any specialist can check. They’re not going to find anything about the security weakness.

Thanks for your comments and thoughts.