WiseCP (Intelligent Web Solutions Automation)


I am happy that there is a new challenger for the big established Panels, however when testing your demo I’m not quite sure what it was but it was a bit of a strain on my eyes. Everything was so bright, full of images and overall not very comfortable to look at. Maybe that’s just me though but I find it to be a bit crowded and too bright.
Nice that there is a whmcs import function though :wink: Should make @jarland and other people looking to move from WHMCS happy :stuck_out_tongue: I’m gonna stick with my owned Blesta license for 150€ but for my small use case (webhosting, private stuff) that’s more than enough.


Hello again everyone,

We took into account the feedback from you, and we changed the name of the brand. Now referred to as WiseCP .

Click on the link below to review official web site.

As we said in the beginning about security, we rely on our product. Not of any security weaknesses. Anyone can examine the codes or any specialist can check. They’re not going to find anything about the security weakness.

Thanks for your comments and thoughts.


Is your panel open source? Do you have the code uploaded somewhere like GitHub?


Glad to hear it! I think that was a wise decision :stuck_out_tongue: Regarding security, perhaps it would be an idea to offer a bug bounty.


A systematic set of files is encrypted. But a high volume of files, including the theme structure, is open source.


Of course, why not. :slight_smile:


Pricing is still an issue IMO.

Edit: demo randomly returned raw JSON on login https://i.imgur.com/F2MB8bI.png


I disagree. $14.95 in comparison to WHMCS’ $39.95 (closest price in terms of features). Perhaps a cheaper tier with limited functionality (similar to WHMCS) would be a good idea.


What browser and version are you using? When I provide control, no JSON data is reflected on the screen in a standard data entry.


With a monthly $14.95, you have an advanced automation with no restrictions and no obligation to include an ad link.

That’s a very good offer.


Some powerful security measures from WISECP v1.6.2

If the location verification is active;

If two-factor verification is active;

The database access information is automatically encrypted.

There’s more to it:)

Let’s sample through Whmcs; In Whmcs via the database you can define a user’s email address to the administrator and reset the password.

Even if the database is accessed in the WISECP, you will never be able to do this. Of course, you need to find the database login information first. :wink:


Out of curiosity, what about plugins integration for domain registration including namesilo, enom, namecheap… etc etc are available?


This starts to get more and more interesting.


Soon the new API integrations will come. We’re working on it.

You haven’t seen anything yet :slight_smile:


Ehh. This has to be symmetric encryption, e.g. the encryption key has to be stored somewhere, as one does need the plaintext credentials anyway.

I wouldn’t call the access information being encrypted, more like simply obfuscated. It’s just a matter of reversing the algorithm and finding the encrypt/decrypt key.