Which Computer Game Are You Playing Right Now?


Basically that. Update with a new post whenever you feel like it.
“Now” as in “these days”.

Recently been playing some Anno 1404, CIV V and 1-2 games of LoL per month.

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It’s often difficult to find the time, however, I’ve been playing a lot of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Multiplayer, Monster Hunter World, Stardew Valley and Smash Bros Ultimate with a few friends.



PAC-MAN Doodle.



Only game I’ve been playing when I can carve out an hour or two here and there is Assassins Creed Odyssey. Such a good game!

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I’ve been playing a lot of Rocket League recently. Its a simple concept of a game but going from bad, to good, to great, to insane takes hundreds of hours!

Anyone else here play?

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Absolutely, getting good overtime is a great feeling. Haven’t played it in a few months, but I’ve easily put 50 - 100 hours into it. Maybe we could play together some time? :stuck_out_tongue:

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… and conversely missing an open goal for the fourth or fifth time in one session is the closest I’ve ever been to rage quitting any game I’ve ever played! I used to see rage quit compilations on YouTube and laugh at peoples lack of patience… Rocket League made me understand their pain…

Hit me up on Steam if you want (rzlosty) - I sometimes go weeks without logging in but if we are ever online at the same time I’m sure you can show me up! :slight_smile:



Nice :smiley: A casual game of CoD doesn’t take long though, does it? :stuck_out_tongue: Monster Hunter World and Stardew Valley are time killers though haha :smiley: Smash Bros Ultimate is probably pretty fun, too.



No Warband these days? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sure, a single casual game. I’ve got a group who jump on most nights, I play about 30% off the time. We usually play a mix of blackout, domination, heist, and infection. Blackout is CoD’s battle royale mode, so it takes a while (we often play blackout customs, so it’s just the four of us on this huge map which leads to a few seriously tense situations).

MH:W is an incredibly fun game that I very highly recommend to everyone :stuck_out_tongue: Though, it is much more fun with people than without. Stardew Valley is easier with two people (playing on Nintendo Switch), I’ve yet to start my solo save aha. Smash Bros Ultimate is great with a grouo of people, too. I’m great at it since I played so much Smash when growing up, so it’s fun to teach people how to actually be good at it and then have a blast together.

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Not really. Maybe a few times a month, but not as much as I used to, unfortunately. Still hosting a quite a few warband servers though.

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Club Penguin.



I used to play games all the time but this past year I’ve been kinda burnt out. Waiting for Cyberpunk 2077… been waiting since 2013 :cry:

World of Warships is the last game I played a lot. When new World of Warcraft expansions release I usually play it for a month and quit again…



Club Penguin is actually still pretty popular with the private servers (or whatever you’d call them?) I have a client who hosts a pretty popular one for a certain region and it is probably better than the official one before it was dropped. I haven’t played it obviously…



Haha I play it recently because I still remember playing it when I was young. Sometimes I enjoy playing old games that I used to play everyday.

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Haha. I’m also waiting for M&B Bannerlord @Mason :smiley:

WoW classic is coming in August. Might be smth for you :stuck_out_tongue:

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I will probably play classic it for a bit when it’s public. I just hate paying the $15/m really for WoW in 2019. It’s worth like $5/m maybe… I really wish there was a new MMO game like WoW but modern since WoW was released in 2004-2005. I played WoW from when I was like 13 or something so everything is just the same as it has always been. Same engine just slightly updated.

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There are like literally hundreds of WoW clones. Just pick your poison or play on a private server if it has to be exactly WoW.

Other than that try Forsaken World. It’s very similar to WoW. Or, you know, Runes of Magic, Aion, Allods Online and the like.

Other MMORPGs I have enjoyed: Tibia, Revelation Online, Tera by Enmasse entertainment, ESO, Guild Wars 2…