VPS & Dedicated Server Testing Needed

Hi, in the process of finalizing our network and in need of testers.
Please PM if you are interested in testing either our VPS or dedicated server range.
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

What location are you setting up/testing?

This will be in our flagship data centre (London, UK). Our US dc is in development.

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Which London DC are you using?

London DC is situated in the heart of North London part of Telehouse.

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im from US - but available to test whatever you would need

Thank you.

Currently, as you can imagine there is a demand in my dc so currently working through my to do list then I will be in touch. Thanks again :slight_smile:

@mxnhost Do you provide RTO or maybe LTO to be precise?

I have done quite a few reviews incl. benchmarks at LET using my own benchmark software.
Usually I do short-time tests (2 or 3 days) but I can also run a series of tests over a couple of weeks.

Taken from your company website … this is interesting! :roll_eyes:

Bold claims, which if true great! - care to share where the data centre is ? or some test IP’s or AS?

They written somewhere they are using Telehouse but not the Docklands campus so this doesn’t appear to be correct. Not a greet start.

FryNap … AoNAp …

Happy to support any startup, but be honest and transparent with people. Do you really own the land, the buildings, the data hall? The only DC I know of in Wolverhampton is VeloxServ ???

Apologies, that is something is going to be updated in our next website update. We did get carried away there, we do own our equipment and have a data hall with Telehouse + Veloxserv.

2 Data Halls :roll_eyes: - please share your #AS so the community can confirm you’re claims and validity as a ‘provider’ please?

You claim to be a LIR and Member of RIPE, but a search on the data base shows nothing, please confirm the details.