Fyrnap Need You!

Hello, we are in the process of searching for a Support Tech partner to join our team.

Yes, you heard it right a Tech Partner. Every employee at Fyrnap Hosting automatically get a share in the business. If you are interested DM us.

Look forward to working with you :wink:

Fyrnap Management Team

So you get company shares along with a salary?

Edit: You don’t have to specify the salary but transparency is always nice :slight_smile:

Edit #2: Reworded my post to be friendlier


Can I buy food with shares

We are looking for a partner to join the team, being a startup we thought this opportunity would allow us to gain more experienced staff.

So what exactly are you offering an exchange? obviously you can’t offer more than a blanket statement, but it should probably be more than free hosting.

I believe most of us on this website are actually in the industry in some way and that appeals about as much as nudes to a pornographer.


I think you need to be a bit more transparent, your servers marked as “Deployed in 7 minutes” have a configure link that is actually a mailto: link.

No offence but I cant help feeling you are simply a small zero capital startup that is looking for someone that knows what they know because you have realized you don’t know what you don’t know?

Maybe cut the we and substitute it with I and phrase it as looking for help rather than looking for partner, unless I am mistaken and you are able to offer legal share documents based on fair and confirm-able valuations?

Also you seem to have suzi perry on your home page al-la godaddy reseller template from 2006?

Everyone is welcome to get started but honesty is probably key here if you want to have a future in the industry AND have no working capital.

edit: just for the record that was meant as constructive feedback.

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You might also want to make sure Hivelocity doesn’t mind you advertising their DC as your Headquarters.


Do we get payed in Fyrnap coins ? :slight_smile:

This agreement is made between Gem Telecom Ltd t/a Fyrnap, a limited company registered in England and Wales with company number and VAT Registration Number GB. (“Fyrnap” which expression shall include all or any of its subsidiaries, agents, successors and assigns), and you the customer (“Customer” which expression shall include its permitted successors and assigns).

You may want to take a look at your privacy policy. The only Gem Telecom Ltd I can find was dissolved back in October 2015.

As @WSS pointed out your Headquarters address is Hivelocity’s - only about 5,000 miles away from your claim of being registered in England and Wales.


I’m pretty sure that @mxnhost has said before that they’re in the same building, or am I misremembering?

Heart Internet baby!

It’s the lack of blood to the brain because wolves crave protein.

isn’t Fyrnap just an anagram for FryPan ?

And PyrFan, they like viking funerals…

And funerals mark the end of life, so the end must be nigh!

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I get it that he/she hasn’t been truly honest with all of us here but I still don’t see why he gets bullied every time he posts something. This is not LET

I think most of us are looking for answers. We’re not emailing his mother or anything.


@mxnhost it’d be nice if you can reply to everyone here qnd be completely transparent about things, people will help if you are honest


why not?

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Well, I suppose it is fair, a lot of people simply do not know what they do not know and brazenly plough (plow) forward, ignorance is bliss, sadly for those of us that know what we know and know what we do not know, the cringe is very real

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